Why I will NOT attend the BAT Rally in D.C. on Monday…

I want very, very much to attend the Badass Teachers Association rally in Washington D.C. on Monday. I am simply unable to attend; events in my life have gotten in the way. I truly wanted to be at all of the past week’s BAT events.

As an adult, my personal reasons require no excuse making; that is why those reasons are called personal. However, if I could attend and work with all the wonderful people there, I certainly would.

What can I do to be supportive of public education for all without being there?

How can I continue to be part of the movement that believes in teachers and actual teaching?

Go to the USTREAM channel that allows us all to view recently streamed presentations and view live-streaming of the rally itself from Washington D.C. all day Monday. Sign in via Facebook or email or whatever.

The point is, do whatever it takes to be part of stopping the attempted dismantling of American education for the profit of a few insanely wealthy multinational investors and their tax-free foundations.

View it all HERE.

Please share the link with everyone you know.

(If, for whatever reason, the above link doesn’t work well for you, google it.)


By the way, I cannot list all the names of the fine, caring, dedicated people who are part of the BAT events. I respect and love these people. Actually, that is our strength – there are too many of these wonderful people to even name in one blog. BATs are bigger and more important than any one person. There are too many of us who refuse to be stopped.





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4 Responses to Why I will NOT attend the BAT Rally in D.C. on Monday…

  1. Go BATS!
    Go JON PELTO for GOV of CT in 2014!

  2. Terry Kalb says:

    Thanks, Ken- we know you are with us in spirit!

  3. Like Ken, I cannot be there for personal reasons, and I also respect and support you all! I’m doing as much as I possibly can where I am, and will always continue to do so in support of our public schools, children, teachers, good administrators (e.g., Carol Burris!), parents and organizations fighting to uphold a free and democratic America. Thanks to each and every one of
    you bloggers, posters and commenters who keep us informed all across the country, and who continue the dialogue which results in positive action. As per my usual (and always sincere)–
    yes, WE can…and we WILL! (And, CT, elect Jon Pelto as your next governor!)

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