David Sirota, you and me…

David Sirota exposes yet another major rip-off of teachers – active and retired. The political leadership of both major political parties, the elected officials, and the corporate thieves who control major media outlets lie and propagandize about these rip-offs.

“As states and cities grapple with budget shortfalls, many are betting big on an unproven formula: Slash public employee pension benefits and public services while diverting the savings into lucrative subsidies for professional sports teams.”
So begins Sirota’s latest investigative article.

Illinois, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, and Maryland are all used as examples in Sirota’s article, yet many other state legislatures are following this same pattern of theft.

Active teachers pay a percentage of their salaries into pensions systems that are predicted to fail – predicted by the same legislators who both mandate teacher pension payments by teachers and their local school districts in addition to 401k “savings” and redistribute these mandated savings into the pockets of corporate thieves who contribute to the re-election of the legislators. Before the same legislators legalized this process with the help of the courts, it was called corruption. Now it is merely a “public-private partnership” that sells America one student, one teacher, one pension, one contract, one school, one special sales tax dollar, one high stakes test, and one soul at a time.

Education Money1

The misused and diverted earned income of active teachers is wage theft. Retired teachers watch as their earned income, pensions, is erroneously blamed for the crippling of America’s economy. So, as Sirota publishes his findings, the corporate media publishes greedy-teacher pension scapegoating propaganda as truth.

“The state has a total of $175.7 billion in unpaid pension and state debts it cannot pay. If that had to be paid today, every Illinois taxpayer would have to fork over $43,000.”
The Chicago Sun Times paraphrases a self proclaimed non-partisan think tank.

Let’s read that again with my emphasis that emphasizes the method of propaganda.

“The state has a total of $175.7 billion in unpaid pension and state debts it cannot pay. If that had to be paid today, every Illinois taxpayer would have to fork over $43,000.”

What other state debts? If what had to be paid in one day? Why would a state pay all its forecast payments immediately as one big, lump sum? Propaganda as fair and balanced news? Nonsense. Repeated nonsense by major media outlets becomes believed propaganda.

The stock market is at an all time high. In many states, over 70% of corporations pay no taxes. American CEO income is also at an all time high. American companies who relocate overseas are paid subsidies from America’s tax base to leave the country.

The wealthiest country in the world is selling itself away because of unnecessary austerity measures that are not called austerity. Taxes are supposed to be used for the public good – not as unearned payoffs to the immensely wealthy.

Let’s call it non-partisan corruption and redistribution of earned income to insanely wealthy corporate thieves who have no moral compass.

Corrupt legislators hate teachersThis is yet another way to wage war against public education. What capable young adult would choose to make teaching a lifelong career, a career that assures teachers will be victims of wage theft and guarantees a retirement into poverty?

This war must be won by teachers, or the quality of education will be lost.



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9 Responses to David Sirota, you and me…

  1. Reblogged this on Exceptional Delaware and commented:
    What in God’s name is happening to education in our country? The only people not getting screwed over are the one’s lining their pockets. Everyone: teachers, students, parents…we are the ones that should count the most.

    • Ken Previti says:

      Public education is for sale. Temporary (two year target) non-union teachers are cheap and plentiful; Teach for America financial supporters are also the investors in privatized charters, high stakes testing, etc.
      It is all about the money. We active and retired teachers are the targets and scapegoats.

      • It’s a sickening thing. I write about special education in Delaware on my own blog, but it’s hard to write about just my state when things are happening all over the country. But I have some hope. I think what all the BATS are doing is truly awesome. The charters are getting a lot of bad press lately. And I think in nine months when so many kids bomb on the Pearson and Smarter Balanced tests, America will have to reform the reform, and more of us “non common core” folks will have a voice. This is my hope at least.

      • Ken Previti says:

        I believe it is crucial to write about what is happening in your own state by showing how the same or similar things are happening in other states ruled by both major political parties.
        The corporatization of public services and public properties is the monetizing of people, places and things.
        Until more people realize this attempt at corporatizing America by giving public taxes to private profiteers who underserve in order to create higher personal profits, then the destruction will continue. “Private companies can do everything better than government can.” Nonsense. Public services are public services – not private profiteering opportunities. Children are not monetized assets in Delaware, Hawaii or anywhere. Children are children who need human care.

  2. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    And let’s not forget about Rhode Island, the grandaddy of ’em all. Does the name Gina Raimondo ring a bell? Remember when she came here to IL, spreading the “good” word about pension reform? Now, I seem to recall some illegal activities going on in that state, & that there had been an investigation. Is anyone up to snuff on this? Inquiring minds want to (and NEED to) know!

    • Ken Previti says:

      “General Treasurer Gina Raimondo on Thursday squarely placed the blame for the violence in Rhode Island’s capital city at the doorstep of her leading opponent in the Democratic race for governor: Providence Mayor Angel Taveras.”
      She is like one of those cockroaches that survives stomping and goes about spreading diseases.

      • retiredbutmissthekids says:

        Thanks for the latest, Ken, but wasn’t she under some sort of investigation for some hedge-fund shenanigans while serving as Treasurer? (I guess she got off scot-free, since she’s now running for governor.)
        Isn’t it wonderful how these people (ILL-Annoys-ian gubernatorial candidates included)
        can do anything at all , but still run for office? I guess you are spot-on with your cockroach comparison!!

  3. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Oh–speaking of gubernatorial candidates–i saw what I (at least) thought was a very funny news report on the 10 PM news about the Rauner-Christie Fundraiser that was yesterday night. It was a clip of them going into Portillo’s to eat, & Christie told a reporter that he was “having a double chili dog & a vanilla shake,” adding, “I can eat what I want, babe!” or “I’m ordering what I want, babe!”
    I guess he was speaking to a female reporter. Demeaning, as usual.

  4. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    And, sorry, I forgot to add–guess he couldn’t wait until the dinner to eat! (OR to speak down to a woman!)

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