Teachers: Don’t waste your votes? Waste?

“Portion of people living in Illinois who say they would move elsewhere if they could: 1/2”

Harper’s Index in the Harper’s Magazine, August 2014 issue


Who believes all the lies about the greedy, lazy, incompetent teachers who are bankrupting the state and failing their students?

When a fear-filled lie, propaganda, is repeated often enough by corporate media outlets, fear wins out and social sanity collapses. Selecting a minority group to be an “other” as a scapegoat is a common propaganda procedure. “Stinkin’ teachers!”

Illinois, Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, and YOUR state use teachers as scapegoats for the financial woes created by their own legislators who annually give hundreds of millions of dollars away to each of their corporate, multimillionaire and billionaire campaign contributors. No money for schools, teachers, pensions or anything except giveaways to cronies.

(By the way, states by definition cannot go broke; states are independent taxing entities.)

IL Broke

This “Illinois Is Broke” Campaign was carried on state government’s own State of Illinois sites (Yes, paid for with tax money.), on TV ads, radio and newspaper ads, and even the billboards that greeted visitors driving to and from the airport. AstroTurf organizations, disguised as grassroots groups or think tank experts, supported by the same wealth based individuals and corporations who will benefit financially by the plundering of those state pension funds are doing this with the approval of legislators. Now, what could possibly go wrong with that?

(This particular ad is no longer in use. It served its purpose for the investors in crisis management promoted by hedge fund managers.)

Yes, 30 year Speaker of the House Mike Madigan (D) supported SB1 to steal public pensions, although he and his legislature admittedly have systematically underpaid pensions and spent the money elsewhere. His daughter, Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D), is demanding “police powers” to support her father’s legislation – in spite of the fact that both took oaths of office to protect the state constitution which specifically protects public pensions from attack and diminishment.

Yes, Gov. Pat Quinn (D), who is running for re-election, signed the bill into law as he himself is under federal investigation for criminal charges involving misuse of other state monies.

Yes, the major gubernatorial opponent in the race, billionaire Bruce Rauner (R), is deeply involved in “wrongful deaths of developmentally disabled” people under the care of his corporations. Yes, there are even more allegations of additional wrongdoings, such as supplying deplorable living conditions and other atrocious situations. Rauner proudly promises to “run Illinois like a business.”

There are no other viable candidates for governor. Nearly all ads for both contenders warned, “Do not waste your vote” by not voting for either well financed candidate. What could be a more hypocritical and defeatist message?

Perhaps the Lincoln ads should read, “Illinois is morally broke.”

Half the people in Illinois want out.

Sound familiar? What’s happening in YOUR state? How many in your state want out?



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