Randi Weingarten, Mercedes Schneider, CCSS, the NPE Panel, and the AFT Convention

Randi 2Randi plays a major role in the Banraku Puppet Theater of the Absurd in Los Angeles during the AFT Convention.

AFT President Randi Weingarten did her usual song-and-dance for Common Core State Standards at the Network for Public Education National Conference last March at the University Of Texas in Austin. Moderator Anthony Cody presented Randi, Paul Horton, Geralyn McLaughlin, Jose Luis Vilson, and Mercedes Schneider to discuss CCSS. Each panelist in turn blew Randi’s CCSS evangelizing away with the truths and insights each offered. Randi played her “personal reasons” unsharable game. (The full 40 minute video is available HERE for whenever you wish to view it.)

Mercedes Schneider, the most incredible researcher in education, presented data, facts, and conclusions against CCSS that were devastating. Randi simply kept playing her “personal reasons” unsharable game. The audience recognized it for what it was.

This weekend during the AFT Convention in Los Angeles, CTU President Karen Lewis and leaders from other cities and states who oppose CCSS are being treated to the same CCSS Rah-Rah game via Randi and the Board.

But, there is a twist.

Teachers are being told by Randi and the Board to fix CCSS themselves. “Rewrite it the way it should be.” Make a better noose around the neck of of public education; public schools, teachers and students will all play their part in this – whatever that means.

But, there is another twist of that twist.

BanrakuMercedes Schneider proves the false basis for this entire Weingarten led puppet fiasco. Since the entire AFT Board is enacting this Banraku Puppet Theater of the Absurd performance, the truth is explained for all participants of the AFT Conference to consider.

Just as the AFT Conference began, Mercedes blogged this:

“Ironically, the grant money will come from the AFT Innovation Fund formerly financed by Gates to the tune of $4.4 million and doing exactly what he financed: ‘to work on… the Common Core State Standards.’
Aside from the Gates intention being fulfilled, however, there is a much greater problem with teachers’ ‘rewriting’ CCSS. CCSS is a product owned by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). Thus, any content labeled ‘CCSS’ belongs to these two organizations that control the CCSS license. Furthermore, any content in CCSS becomes static– one-size-fits-all, inflexible, unable to be adjusted– except by permission of the CCSS license owners.”

Please read Mercedes entire blog HERE.

CCSS cronies own CCSS. It is their licensed product. NGA and CCSSO are not governmental bodies. They are well financed, corporate backed organizations who “influence” governmental decisions. They even get governmental funding by influencing governmental funding decisions.

Teachers, the AFT, the NEA and anybody else who rewrites anything are being used as fronts to decisions that CCSS cronies alone will decide. We are all being chumped!

Hey, Randi! Hey, AFT Board! Stop the fiasco. You are supposed to be on the side of public education for all. We know what you are doing.

Write this on the Power Point presentation. “CCSS cronies own CCSS.”



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2 Responses to Randi Weingarten, Mercedes Schneider, CCSS, the NPE Panel, and the AFT Convention

  1. A day late & a dollar short, but here’s my comment: Mercedes Schneider is a National Treasure (caps intended)–thank G-d for her–she’s got the smarts & determination to figure out all the hooey that passes for data these days–she’s the next successor to Diane Ravitch (who–also, thank G-d, sticks to her fighting guns, no matter her health issues). Randi, et.al. (all the other union dandies) need to be banished by their rank-&-file.

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