Teacher Gag Orders and Mass Graves for Contagious Pigs

How are teacher gag orders and the mass graves of pigs with contagious, deadly viruses related?

gag teacher2In 2014 America, the land of free speech for corporations, teachers are not allowed to tell the truth about Common Core State Standards, the destructive consequences for children forced to take rigged high-stakes tests, the insanity of teacher evaluations from tests taken by students they never had in classes they never taught, the defects in test questions that are seriously flawed or inappropriate for grade levels, the abuses suffered by denying the needs of special needs children, and all of the other things being done in the name of legislatively inflicted corporate education reform.

Gag orders for teachers and the destruction of due process before a teacher can be fired are the battles being waged in the attacks on public education and its teachers. If they don’t keep their mouths shut, teachers can and are crushed – fired and discredited in a manner that ends their careers in education. Why? For telling the truth and exposing what is behind corporate education reform. Crushed.

Read HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

pig burialsIn 2014 America, the land of the free for corporations, people are criminally punished when they photograph and/or expose the death of 100,000 pigs a week in Iowa, North Carolina, Kansas and elsewhere who have deadly viruses [even to humans] and are mass buried in shallow graves that seep into water tables.

Merely taking photos of cattle feedlots can cause a reporter to be arrested and charged.

“George Steinmetz, a photographer working for National Geographic, was arrested in Kansas under the state’s ‘ag gag’ [corporate agricultural protection non-disclosure] law after using a paraglider to take photographs of cattle feedlots and other agricultural operations for an article on the food industry.
New York Times

All major agribusiness (food industry) abuses and the twisted laws that protect them add to corporate profits. Public safety is secondary in spite of corporate spokesmen claiming the opposite.

All corporate education reform is for private profit from public education taxes.

CCSS, all brands of high stakes testing, so called non-profit charters and for profit charters, vouchers, on-line degrees, and more are for corporate profit. Student debt can begin in pre-school for their parents and continue through with college degrees that can take decades to repay.

Support public education for all of our children, public school teachers, and the legislators of education laws that keep public education taxes for public education.



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One Response to Teacher Gag Orders and Mass Graves for Contagious Pigs

  1. All the more reason that retired teachers must tell the stories, push the movement forward and support their active colleagues, parents and communities.

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