Corporate Free Speech and Teacher Gag Orders

The Supreme Court Five has refused freedom of speech for teachers and approved freedom of speech protections for corporations (the legal fiction of corporate personhood). Even freedom of religious rights has been granted to corporations who are allowed to refuse birth control pills as part of women’s healthcare coverage. (The vast majority of teachers are women.) This is political/corporate motivated judicial lunacy.

Gag orders against teachers for tests and evaluations, the use and abuse of Common Core State Standards, student needs, physical conditions within the school, etc. are nationwide. Gag orders. To oppose the gag orders is to lose a job and a career. This is corporate education reform lunacy.

gag teacher3

Read about CCSS gags HERE.
Read about Pearson Testing gags HERE.
Read  and view about a kindergarten teacher in Missouri who testified about being gagged HERE.
Read about Kansas teachers gagged from telling the truth about funding and truth HERE.

To tell the truth is today is often considered evil. A whisle-blower teacher is deemed dangerous. Often the term whistle-blower is now considered at least in the trouble-maker category, some might even say it is un-American. This is social lunacy.

Teachers, as some separate type of non-human rights entitled sub-category, are not permitted First Amendment rights in the United States of America. Teachers cannot be trusted to teach, but they can be trusted to carry guns in schools. This is pseudo-patriotic lunacy.


Scapegoating teachers, propaganda declaring teacher greed and incompetence, attacks against teacher unions, tenure (the right to due process and just cause when attempts are made to fire a person) safeguard removal, scripted lessons that require no actual teacher, evaluations of teachers for students they never had in courses they never taught, assessments that are totally unfair, arbitrary salary and pension cuts, and so much more are destroying the teaching profession that has made America great. This is national self-destructive lunacy.

Taking the money out of government is essential to our Bill of Rights and to our continuation as leaders of the free world. Money as free speech and other legal fiction will end when it is forced to end by citizens who choose to stop the corrupt two party system of corporate pandering – corporatism. Once there is real competition for public office, both major political parties will also run candidates who actually serve public interests.

Organize locally to create candidates who will serve the interests of children, public education and the rights of people to freedom of speech. Otherwise, America will be America in name only. The time to do something is now.



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2 Responses to Corporate Free Speech and Teacher Gag Orders

  1. You are right, Ken. And it CAN be done–some names come to mind–Ras Baraka, Newark; Bill diBlasio, NYC; Will Guzzardi, Chicago; Alan Grayson, Florida; Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts; Glenda Ritz (State Supt. of Ed.), Indiana; Steven Zimmer, LAUSD. And there are more–more candidates “who will serve the interests of children, public education & the rights of people to freedom of speech”–who WILL trounce the big money, corporate-funded candidates, as have others. If you are squeaky clean–RUN. If you have any following, any chance–RUN. RUN for school board, RUN for local office, RUN in your suburb, your city, your town, your state.
    Collect dollars via social media & mailing address. Do it NOW.

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