Teachers, Birth Control, Unions, and SCOTUS

Today’s Supreme Court judges, five are judges and four are justices, decided to expose their extremist postures.

Today’s decisions are about women in particular. Women, who are the majority in America, are referred to as lesser beings with minority issues – women’s issues. Birth control is referred to as a women’s issue. How deep into our everyday lives does this reach? Even Microsoft’s spellcheck marks “women’s” issues as a spelling error.


The vast majority of teachers are women, therefore the entire issue of corporate education reform is primarily a women’s issue. Both major teachers’ unions represent women as the vast majority of their memberships. As a matter of fact, our society still considers any form of childcare women’s issues. (As a retired male teacher, I have always dealt with that. Whenever someone asked me what I did for a living, I answered, “A teacher.” And they responded, “A teacher?”)

The home healthcare worker in the union case is a woman. The majority of home healthcare providers are women.

Major media repeatedly reports on unfair treatment of women in other countries as human rights issues. The abuses of human rights issues in America are reported as women’s issues, a mere ideological trade-off of sorts.

Corporate America loves women because they can pay them less for the same job. The equal rights amendment never passed. When men and women are both in the market for the same jobs, women’s lower wage status is used by employers to have men accept lower wages. There is a corporate financial logic behind the madness.


Please do not search for any form of justice in both of today’s rulings. The Supreme Court judges and politicians/legislators of both major political parties are under corporate control. Bought and paid for.

Hobby Lobby, the healthcare industry, the Koch brothers via their related coal/oil industries and tax free foundations, the Education Industrial Complex (especially the testing affiliations) and all of the corporate paid lobbyists assert raw power via immense concentrated wealth. This controls America more than people, individual human beings, do. This is not about affluence; this is about immense multinational concentrated wealth controlling our lives and our destinies.

Unless we actively create some major changes, America is America in name only.


By the way, I am a feminist. Yes, a male feminist who believes women are equal human beings. My world has been filled and shaped by women – wife, daughter, grandmothers, great aunts, mother, aunts, sister, nieces, and women teachers. We are all human beings who deserve equal rights and true equal justice.



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One Response to Teachers, Birth Control, Unions, and SCOTUS

  1. dianarog11 says:

    I used to think of the Supreme Court as the ultimate institution where justice would prevail. Now it feels like just another seat of corporate influence. The rulings of this Court are very sad for the country. Ken–I want to hear more about the kinds of major changes you are talking about.

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