IEA-NEA is NOT all you need, but I sincerly wish it to be.


In spite of being repeatedly told “IEA NEA: ALL YOU NEED” on its website, Senate Bill 1 updates have not been updated since January 29, 2014.

IEA NEA Pension Update 6-26-14 Here is an IEA screen shot taken today.

SBI1 cuts and diminishes pensions for active and retired Illinois teachers. Pensions are earned compensation, deferred earnings. SB1 is presently being challenged in court by the IEA and other unions, and one important court hearing was held earlier today.

How are all the thousands of active and retired teachers learning about what is happening in court?

Not from the Chicago Tribune, WGN and all the other corporate controlled media outlets. They spin after-event commentary.

Not from Illinois Education Association’s President Cinda Klickna and her staff.

(This is NOT an anti-union diatribe. This is a pro-union statement requesting that IEA leadership keep its members informed. That’s what union leaders are supposed to do.)

Glen Brown, Fred Klonsky and John Dillon are the bloggers I proudly call my friends. They update us with facts, research and strong doses of reality. Links and sources for their factual blogs are abundant. When you go to their blogs, they introduce themselves and inform us of their backgrounds.

“On Thursday, June 26th, a gathering of legal representatives and plaintiff groups, and the defendants (Attorney General’s Office) in the ‘pension suit’ will deliver arguments, share expert witnesses, and present historical position statements to Judge Belz in Sangamon County, Illinois, at 1:30 p.m.  All of this falls under an early but necessary step in the process toward final litigation, one called ‘class distinction,’ or ‘class certification.’

HERE is John Dillon’s latest full update about the importance and procedure of today’s court hearing in Sangamon County.


Excerpt: The Court stated “We all know this is going to the Supreme Court. “  The Court’s view was that all issues should therefore go before the Court at once as it does not want the case coming back down for further proceedings.

Please read this FULL UPDATE and share it with all of your Illinois friends. Obviously, this entire court case will have national repercussions, so please share this with active and retired teachers facing the same types of issues in their states.

John Dillon, Glen Brown, Fred Klonsky and me. (Drawing by Fred.) Pro-union bloggers who want the IEA leadership to inform, in a timely manner, all active and retired teachers about their future income.

John Glen Fred Ken



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