Pando Daily fires David Sirota after hard-hitting stories on national pension thievery.

David Sirota may be best known for his expose of Gov. Chris Christie, but active and retired teachers know him best for revealing the obscene profits made from pension theft and the wage theft forced upon teachers mandated to pay into pension funds they are assured will not be there if and when they retire. If this doesn’t prove that the power of hedge fund managers and corporations has control over even the “free press”, then nothing will. Sirota’s loss is a loss for us all.

Fred Klonsky


No journalist has done more to expose Wall Street designs on public pensions than David Sirota.

When I need to make the argument that the assault on public pensions is not just a local Illinois issue, I have Sirota’s work to point to.

He was a staff writer for the Silcon Valley internet web site called Pando Daily.

No longer.

He was fired over the weekend.

Today The Gawker reports:

Over the weekend, Pando fired two of its hardest-hitting editorial staffers, David Sirota and Ted Rall, both nationally syndicated veteran journalists. Sirota recently broke a big story about Chris Christie’s administration awarding pension contracts to hedge funds, private equity groups, and venture capital firms whose employees donated to the governor’s reelection.

In February, Pando raised $1.2 million in financing from some powerful venture capitalists, including Accel Partners and Founders Fund, both of which invested in prior funding rounds.

Sirota’s scoop…

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