Different Brands of CCSS Compliant Tests Fool Only Fools

Replacing Common Core State Standards compliant high stakes tests with CCSS compliant high stakes tests of another brand name is a blatant, in-your-face insult to parents, teachers, students and taxpayers.

Florida and many other states are pulling the same scams. CCSS compliant means CCSS compliant – no matter what the local brand name is.

Cars rebrand, bottled water rebrands, gasoline rebrands, etc. Therefore our elected and appointed legislators and highly placed school officials believe we are all too busy, too indifferent and/or too stupid to notice that this is being done to our children.

This rebranding, however, is not the same as product rebranding. Cars, gasoline, etc. are inanimate objects, mere things. Our children are our most precious and most vulnerable human beings.

Read the duplicitous double talk that Florida Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart delivers as her expert analysis of expensive, unnecessary, high pressure, high stakes tests that are in the process of being produced by the latest private corporation granted the privilege to reap insane amounts of profit from public education funds.

“‘We need to be sure we are teaching the standards and then
the assessment will take care of itself,’ Stewart added. ‘I’ve been preaching that sermon for years.’

But the new tests are expected to be tougher, and the roll out of Common Core-aligned exams in other states, such as New York, lead to plummeting pass rates. The percentage of that state’s 4th-graders doing well in language arts tests, for example, fell from about 59 percent in 2012 to about 30 percent in 2013.”

Read the full Orlando Sentinel article.

Of course teachers and school administrators don’t yet know what to expect. After all, the entire thing is being made as you read this. What will the device be that determines what children will pass or fail, what teacher will be rehired or fired, and what schools will remain open or be closed?

Well, the newly contracted testing services were agreed upon recently and will be in effect when schools open in August. But, Pam Stewart is bragging that everything is “on time and on schedule.” What do you expect for a $220 million test that will compare Florida to Utah students – and an additional payment of $5.4 million paid to Utah for this special privilege?

(How soon can Stewart be fired? She certainly deserves to be fired.)

Call Pam Stewart at (850) 245-0505 to tell her to stop any and all brands of CCSS compliant high stakes testing.

Every state Commissioner of Education should be called in every state.

As a matter of fact, tell them to stop any and all brands of all forms of high stakes testing. Our children and their futures are at stake.

Read how to legally refuse state mandated high stakes testing for your child in your state at United Opt Out HERE. It isn’t easy, but raising a child was never described as being easy.

Branded water and tests

NOTE for CAR PHOTO: The two rebranded, identical automobiles
are the Subaru BRZ and the Scion FR-S. Google their names.

Subaru BRZ - Scion FR-S



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