AFT’s Randi Weingarten, Jonathan Pelto, Dan Malloy, Connecticut and the Fate of Public Education

What happens to public education, real education minus the corporate reform movement which drains hundreds of millions of dollars from public education funds to pay private multinational corporations for insane levels of high stakes testing along with all the requisite expensive paraphernalia while leaving schools in need of basic necessities, when the majority Democratic Party legislators and governor promote draconian Tea Party cuts and the feeding of corporate bottom lines?

Well, first, all political opposition needs to be stonewalled. Silenced. Then the dismantling of decent public education can proceed undiminished.

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy (D) in conjunction with buddies in the AFL-CIO won’t even permit opposition candidate Jonathan Pelto to speak to delegates at the annual endorsing convention.

“The Connecticut AFL-CIO will be holding their 10th Biennial Political Convention starting today at the Omni Hotel in New Haven.  Although Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley and Lieutenant Governor candidate, Penny Bacchiochi will be addressing delegates at 11:00 am today and Governor Dannel P. Malloy and his Democratic running mate, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, will speak to delegates this afternoon, repeated requests by third party gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Pelto to speak to the delegates have gone unanswered and it appears that Pelto will not be allowed to address the union delegates who will be endorsing a gubernatorial candidate during the second day of the AFL-CIO convention tomorrow.”
Pelto must be very strongly supported to be feared to the point of not allowing him to speak publicly at the convention.
Read the entire Wait… What? article HERE.

How much of a sell-out ,right-wing, corporate toadie has Malloy become? Read about his condemnation of public education as he seeks financial backing from the rightest of right-wing extremist wealth groups, the American Heritage Foundation.

“In his re-election campaign, Governor Malloy can count on the financial support of some of the wealthiest equity investors in the nation, who live in sheltered enclaves in places like Greenwich and Darien and support charter advocacy organization like ConnCAN. “
Read Wendy Lecker via Diane Ravitch’s blog HERE.

Since the American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten will be present, Jonathan Pelto should have been a certainty as a prime candidate to hear at the convention. Pelto was a Panel Director (Education Blogging as a Political Tool) at the Network for Public Education Annual Conference held last March in Austin at the University of Texas.


Pelto at the lectern and panelists Darcia Cimarusti, Ruth Conniff and Mike Klonsky.

There is no candidate in any gubernatorial race in America who is a stronger supporter of public education for all. Randi Weingarten was also a panelist (Common Core) at the same NPE National Conference.


Watch Weingarten during the panel presentation moderated by Anthony Cody with fellow panelists Jose Luis Vilson, Mercedes K. Schneider, Geralyn McLaughlin, and Paul Horton HERE.

Now, the California judicial decision regarding tenure spreads to Connecticut. Read Ravitch HERE and the News Times article HERE.

The introduction of the destruction of tenure in Connecticut, which for K-12 teachers simply means due process rather than being fired for capricious or political purposes, demonstrates the necessity of Weingarten endorsing Pelto rather than Malloy.

But, what will Randi Weingarten actually do at the convention?

Randi 2

Mercedes K. Schneider believes the worst possible thing Weingarten could do would be…
“Allow me to suggest a generic-feel-good speech about how teachers are pillars in American public education; how dedicated they are; where would our country be without them, etc., etc.

Keep it neutral, and smile for the cameras.” Read the superbly detailed, full blog HERE.

But, what will Randi Weingarten actually do at the convention?

Randi Weingarten has the opportunity to lead public schools and their teachers in a positive direction by having the AFT endorse Jonathon Pelto. Hopefully, she will find the strength within herself to lead.




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