Karen Lewis explains actual TENURE as she speaks truth to power

Tenure has never meant that a teacher cannot be fired in grades K-12. Tenure never was and still isn’t a job for life. Tenure for American K-12 teachers means due process – no more, no less. It prevents demi-gods, tyrants and extremists from firing a teacher for no valid reason. Tenure assures the finest standards for quality public education for all children by qualified teachers.

Here is Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis telling the truth, in minutes, and exposing the lies and destruction caused by the miscarriage of justice with the California ruling by a misguided judge regarding teacher tenure.

Karen Lewis

All the teacher scapegoating packaged and sold by the billionaire corporate education reform investors and hedge fund managers is propaganda. The financial takeover of public education is a horrendous experiment on our children for the profit of the wealthy, not the merely affluent, the wealthy individuals who are destroying American middle class communities for their private profit.

Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis needs national air-time to speak truth to power.Please pass along her video from the You Tube link. We all need to help make her message go viral.

By the way, the power is one man, billionaire David Welch, who stands to make more billions through his teacher replacing education tech corporations. He sells testing, programs, online requirements for passing from grade to grade and graduation and all the other dehumanizing technology that will need expensive access and updating for as long as his brand of technology lasts before it is replaced by new technology.



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