400,000 poker chips … er-r-r, Human Lives at stake

notmineCruelty and abuse as mere political ideology continues as legislators across America play power games using human lives as poker chips. The ongoing onslaught against vulnerable children, the elderly, the disabled and the poor by billionaire funded politicos continues as the new normal in the corruption that is today’s government.

Party politics in Virginia puts 400,000 human lives at risk of needless suffering and death, primarily the disabled and the elderly -referred to by the Chicago Tribune as “Medicaid expansion.”  The Tribune reporting is about the two party ideology and political maneuvering. Human suffering and the horrific suffering go unmentioned. Read the entire article HERE.

Florida politicians play the cruel game of taking public education money from education funds for disabled children and handing it to highly profitable private schools as vouchers. Those institutions are not required to have any staff members certified or qualified to teach children with disabilities. There is no accountability required for these institution to show that any help is actually being given to help disabled children. Read the Sun Sentinel article HERE.

In New York the notorious Eva Moskowitz whose Success Academy charters have been mired in scandal, waste, financial investigations and more applied for 14 more charter schools as the children in these schools are blown off. Parents who thought that “choice” meant that they choose to be in those charters find out that the charter chooses who will be admitted and who will be dumped. Children with disabilities have been dumped in incredible proportions just as Moskowitz is financially rewarded by politicos in power. Read the EdNotesOnline article HERE.

Arne Duncan and his U.S. Department of Education are “seriously considering granting a potentially billion-dollar. decade-long contract to a former unit of Sallie Mae, the student loan company the U.S, Justice Department last month accused of cheating U.S, soldiers.” Read the entire Huffington Post article HERE.

Until we all act and react as one against the corruption that is government, those of us who are or will become most vulnerable will be treated as mere poker chips in the horrible game of politics as corporatism with oligarchs as the sole winners in a rigged game.

We, our children, friends and neighbors are all in this together. Act and react in any way you are capable of doing.

Poker chips 2





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