How to Buy a Governor for Fun and Profit: first, control the public education systems – testing, teachers, charters and all

This legalized corruption-as-government is happening in state after state, but Illinois prefers the “in-your-face” version. It is coming to a state near you, unless it has already arrived. Buy, rent or lease the gubernatorial and mayoral candidates from both parties, unless you already control them.

Although billionaire Eli Broad is not an Illinois resident, he is throwing money at Gov. Pat Quinn for re-election. When Broad throws money at a problem, he is used to getting a good return on his investment.

Eli Broad $$

“Billionaire Eli Broad, already a political backer of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, donated $15,000 to Gov. Pat Quinn in March, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

The Los Angeles philanthropist “supports Gov. Quinn because Illinois, and specifically Chicago, needs pension reform and education reform,” a Broad spokeswoman said.

Broad, whose foundation promotes charter schools among other ideas for upending public education, also gave $10,000 to state Rep. Christian Mitchell (D-Chicago) ahead of his March primary. Mitchell narrowly won over teacher union-backed challenger Jay Travis.”
Broadhas donated other money through other venues. Read the full Sun Times article HERE.

Eli Broad and his foundation created the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan of today. Actually, Broad paid for every square inch of him. Foundations such as his are viewed by most people as philanthropic, which is highly misleading. Foundations are allowed to invest for profits in order to expand what they are. Those profits are often tax-free or even tax-augmented (They receive government tax money.) under recent legislation which their lobbyists wrote and then promoted through their well-funded politicians. Broad is a huge donor to elected officials.

Broad School Closing

That, it seems, is not enough of a purchase. Public schools are not closing fast enough, qualified certified teachers are not being fired fast enough, and the unions are not being crushed fast enough. Broad and his foundation are wealthy and arrogant enough to openly publish and have a site diagramming how to get elected officials to close schools and hire cheap labor to replace qualified teachers – by using services owned and operated by Broad organizations. Actual Broad Foundation Manual: School Closure Guide – HERE.

Quinn Klickna Rauner 1

The IEA, which endorsed ($50,000) the past Chairman of ALEC in Illinois. Kirk Dillard (R) by falsely claiming he was pro-public schools and pro-teacher, has been sending “Vote for the lesser of two evils” and “No vote is a wasted vote” messages to stop Bruce Rauner (R) from being elected governor. Gov. Pat Quinn (D) chose Paul Vallas (D-R-D) as his running mate. Vallas has been the most infamous person in the history of the United States for closing schools, firing teachers and pillaging pension funds. What is IEA’s leadership doing? Creating cognitive dissonance via fear, uncertainty and doubt. When union teachers seek leadership and find blah-blah, it gets them crazy. Read “IEA/NEA Cognitive Dissonance” HERE.

REALITY: The IEA leadership did not seek, create, or fund pro-labor candidates when it was possible. Leaders, such as IEA Pres. Cinda Klickna, are not willing to admit they displayed no leadership when it counted.

REALITY: Without a meaningful choice available, teachers, as disenfranchised voters, need to realize that their only true voting booth choice for governor is NONE OF THE ABOVE – blank. No choice means no choice.

A billionaire will blow it all away, or let his billionaire buddy, gubernatorial candidate and billionaire Bruce Rauner (R), take it from the other side.

God help America.

Now is the time for all of us to form ranks for the next and the next and the next elections. The November gubernatorial election in Illinois will definitely produce an evil governor – whether the lesser of two evils or the greater of two evils – whatever that means with the two vile choices on the ballot.



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3 Responses to How to Buy a Governor for Fun and Profit: first, control the public education systems – testing, teachers, charters and all

  1. sharsand2013 says:

    I said this on Glen Brown’s post in one of my lengthy diatribes, so here I’ll say it shorter. Why don’t we have a conference of teachers (active/retired) with a panel discussion, which includes the four of you, so rather than blogging to a small audience, we can try (I stress “try”) to get many of us out who have a vested interest in what happens with this mess.

  2. philaken says:

    The 99% need our own party with a platform for free, equitable PUBLIC education from preschool through college, Medicare for all, and recognizes a job as a right. We must run candidates at all levels on this program. It is our only way to turn this around!

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