High stakes test scores have arrived. Advice: Don’t allow children to be human sacrifices to the politically motivated dismantling of public education for profit.

Florida: I see the FB posts now from all over the state. Parents upset. FCAT scores are in. Kids are being retained (flunked). The pressures are intense on children and adults.

Secret tests with secret grading methods and a politically selected failure cut-off point is simply part of the dismantling of public education with our children as human sacrifices.
My retired teacher advice to parents? Require Pearson and the Florida DOE to provide a full copy of the test and results. Let them prove that failing your child wasn’t just a random shot in the dark.
The same thing is happening in other states; the advice is the same.
HT to Bonnie Cunard Margolin

There is nothing funny about it. Sacrificing children for political power and private profit is savagery.

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