Who will care for our children’s educations? Empty suits? Lesser of two evils?

When republican candidates for the presidency outline their education platform using identical positions as democratic candidates for governor, it is obvious that they are owned and operated by the same corporate interests.

empty suitsThe one with the red state label and the one with the blue state label are empty suits with corporate pre-programmed messages spouting from their sound holes.

Sham elections for (R) and (D) puppets manipulated by the same billionaire oligarchs who have created the new industry ($800 billion annually from taxes intended for public education) of Corporate Education Reform abound.

Invalid choices for competing elected positions in public office destroy even the illusion of electoral legitimacy. As media coverage of the latest sham elections in Thailand, Egypt and elsewhere point to the obvious deception, media coverage of our home-grown sham elections is scant or ignored. Our sham elections are a mockery of the entire Pledge-of-Allegiance American process of government.

Jeb Bush (R) for President espousing Arne Duncan’s (D) Common Core corporate education reform policy?

Gov. Pat Quinn (D) of Illinois incumbent gubernatorial candidate who openly violated the state’s constitution by gleefully cutting public teacher (the same teachers who had endorsed him) pensions and claiming he was divinely “put on God’s earth” for that purpose. His chosen running mate as lieutenant governor Paul Vallas (D) who, a few years ago, had announced his candidacy for (R) Cook County Board president. Billionaire Bruce Rauner (R) running for Illinois governor in spite of being the big dollar financier for Rahm Emanuel (D) when he became mayor of Chicago.

Ex-Governor (R) Charlie Crist (now D) versus Gov. Rick Scott (R) in Florida? Try to find a difference in their corporate donor financed public education policies.

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy (D) is yet another Democrapublican corporate shill so enamored with maintaining his political hold on office that even the children in daycare are deemed fair trade by him. Shameful.

The list goes on and on while other valid and invalid issues are used to distract us from the destructive dismantling of public education for massive private profit.

This insane Kabuki Theater of the Absurd is the realpolitik of American elections.

Until the corruption which is corporate owned American government in an illusory good-cop-bad-cop two party system is ended, let us not fool ourselves by claiming that a third party candidate vote or even a no vote is a wasted vote.

There can be no wasted vote in a sham election. Both main parties carefully count every missing vote and every third party vote. No vote is better than voting for the lesser of two evils which assures the continuation of evil.

Not in Illinois. Not in Florida. Not in Connecticut. Not in your state.

End the abuses or democracy ends. America will be America in name only. Our children will be third world subsistence workers waving Old Glory mindlessly.

Stop Corporate Education Reform now.

Find pro-education candidates such as Jonathan Pelto, a capable and honest gubernatorial candidate in Connecticut. Find or create a candidate in your town, city, county or state who will be an honest leader with the best interests of children in mind.

Yes, it can and is being done.


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