Jeb “Common Core” Bush is unloading new data – about himself.

Well, get ready.
Jeb “Common Core” Bush is unloading new data – about himself.

(Important: This is NOT about democrats or republicans. This is about rebranding and the dismantling of public education and other public services for private control and profit.)

IMG_7969Jeb tells us how smart he himself is and how different he and his brother, George W, are.
Even their policies differ because Jeb’s policies are.
Are what?
Better. New. Improved.
Says who?
Jeb himself.

Salon Magazine describes the new and improved Jeb and his policies – according to Jeb and his handlers. “It may be the most comically obvious attempt we’ve seen yet in the 2016 proto-campaign from Jeb’s handlers to show that he’s not an idiot like his elder brother, the former President Bush. The piece is filled with effusive quotes about how bookish and wonky and smart Jeb Bush is. Rarely is an image-crafting piece so indiscreetly dropped by a politician’s handlers.” Read the entire article HERE.

The article goes on to add the following. “The questions he grapples with most frequently, and enthusiastically, revolve around improving the effectiveness of government in areas like education, immigration and criminal justice.”


Corporate Education Reform for Profit. Monetizing children, expensive high stakes testing, taking public education tax money away from public schools while handing it over to multinational billionaire investors and hedge fund managers in the $800 billion annual business in the newly created Corporate Education Reform Industry. Charter profits. Testing company profits. International corporate profits. No accountability corporations – corporations are people – without the accountability of mere people. Unjailable corporate people we entrust out children to. Jeb Bush’s own highly profitable organizations, Excellence for Education and Chiefs for Change, were and are under state and federal investigation for “writing state education laws and regulations [for legislators] in ways that could benefit its corporate funders” and Jeb’s campaign donors. Read the Huffington Post article HERE.

Immigration Reform? Corporations want as many highly educated immigrants to be made instant citizens who will then be a cheap labor pool for those specialized jobs presently held by Americans who have expensive college educations, educations they must still pay for. Meanwhile, other immigrants are being held in prisons where they are being paid $1 a day (Yes, one dollar per day in 2014 America.) to work in major for-profit factories – jobs that had been held by American workers. The New York Times tells all about this common daily business issue HERE.

Criminal Justice is practiced via privatized (public funding for private profit investors) prisons which are guaranteed profits by maintaining prisoner numbers as those prisoners are contracted out to work jobs that were previously held by American citizens. Of course, these are American prisoners, not immigrants. That makes a difference – unless you are an American looking for a job or a better paying job. These jobs are forced onto to prisoners, many of whom are serving 15 years or more for stealing a candy bar or smoking a single joint of marijuana. Jeb remains famous for many laws like this, but he prefers to say he is “tough on crime.” Read the On the Issues report HERE.

What about the new and improved Jeb “Common Core” Bush? Better? New? Improved?

Let’s examine Jeb’s present Corporate Education Reform position.

According to actual, researched, verifiable data published by Mercedes Schneider, Jeb doesn’t give a damn about any emotional damage our children suffer in the Education Industrial Complex.

“Jeb Bush and David Coleman offer the same sociopathio-pedagogical vision for American education: Death to emotional health, joy of learning, empathy, and good will to man. The country able to step on the faces of other countries via the highest test scores wins.”
(Don’t miss the incredible video link on her site as David Coleman tells us who doesn’t give “a s#*t” about lots of things.)
Read Schneider HERE and HERE.

TP gone1

Well, have you had enough “new and improved” Jeb Bush data?

Please change the roll before you leave.


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