A Textbook Case of Charter Skimming

On Memorial Day, we honor those Americans who sacrificed their lives in service to our country. They died to keep ALL of our children safe and sound. Unfortunately, billionaires and international investors in the Corporate Education Reform Industry do not share those values. Monetizing children for private profit is un-American. “The charter’s avoidance of high- needs students is blatantly unfair.” I, personally, have been in Gurnee, Illinois many times. I support any lawsuit that fights the appointed Illinois State Charter School Commission and its money-siphoning, unfair treatment of public schools and the neediest of its students.
All children are our children. All children need a decent education.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Charter schools were created to help the neediest students. Now, however, many charters skim off the most advantaged students and avoid those who are needy. This harms the public schools, removing their best students and overloading them with the students who require the most services.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this:

“Woodland Community Consolidated School District 50 in Gurnee filed a lawsuit against Prairie Crossing Charter School and two state agencies Tuesday, alleging that millions in state aid that should have been spent on instruction for low-income and at-risk students have been “siphoned away” to pay for a small number of charter school students, officials announced.”

“The district has asked a Cook County court to reverse a five-year reauthorization of Prairie Crossing Charter School approved in April by the Illinois State Charter School Commission, which is named in the lawsuit. The district also named as a defendant the Illinois…

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