Why are Common Core math problems like this? $$$$$$$$$$

Why are Common Core math problems like this? $$$$$$$$$$

2+2=4 cannot be copyrighted, sold, and re-sold.
The CCSS formatted math being published in print and online is copyrighted, sold and re-sold.
It’s not about kids, parents, teachers or schools. It’s all about the money.

As a matter of fact making and copyrighting lousy CCSS products online or in print is much more lucrative than producing good ones. Next year school districts nationwide will have to upgrade to the “improved” products – lots of money for an update. (Sound familiar?)
Of course next year the product may have a different label on it – FCAT, FLAT, ISAT, USAT, Pearson, Beersome, etc. It doesn’t matter. It’s all profit to the multinational investors and the fund managers. And it’s all poison for our children.

CCSS reason

Even affluent and middle class parents are being scapegoated for the Common Core math that children are having trouble with. Obviously, scapegoating children, teachers, principals, schools, textbooks and “white suburban moms” (who think their kids are smarter than they really are – as Secretary of Education Arne Duncan so famously proclaimed) and other assorted targets isn’t enough. Scapegoats are like that. You can never have too may scapegoats if you are a hedge fund manager for billionaire investors and multinational corporations looking for anything to blame rather than their expensive lousy Education Industrial Complex products.

CCSS mathDanielle Goedel explains it all in Syracuse News.
“In the past few months we have been inundated with stories (and photos) of parents frustrated with the mathematics education of their children — Facebook and Twitter posts of worksheets, which parents deem ridiculous and obscene for their children; work that engineers and scientists can’t do that we are asking first-graders to complete.”

We all know this stuff is trash.

We all know that this stuff hurts our kids in so many, many ways.

And, it’s all over the web.

Now, we all know why. A  whole new industry has been created, profiting over $800 billion annually, that pays maga-bucks of tax money (intended for public school children) to private investors who contribute a few thousand here and there to the re-election funds of the legislators who approve this stuff.

How can this cycle be ended?
Parents of every child who stresses out, feels like dirt, cries, or fears imminent failure needs to refuse the testing. Refuse. Stop the abuse.

Go to United Opt Out for a state-by-state menu of letters and procedures to legally refuse high stakes testing for your child. It takes effort to do this, but your child is worth it.


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3 Responses to Why are Common Core math problems like this? $$$$$$$$$$

  1. sharsand2013 says:

    As I’ve said many times on Diane Ravitch’s blog–two of my grandkids go to school in what was once a great school district; This year, the second-grader came home with only two forms of homework every day a silly non-thinking, inane math worksheet, and one speed reading sheet–how many words can you read in one minute–no comprehension. They assigned her to the gifted program for third grade, which I’m very sure is no different than what every other child should be getting in third grade, but instead those who aren’t in the gifted program will just sit there with this boring nonsense and hate school. No creative thinking, no history, no science, nothing. It makes me sick.

    • Ken Previti says:

      The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein explains it.
      First, dry-up and break the existing system. Create a crisis. (No creative thinking, no history, no science.)
      Then, offer a replacement (for profit) as the sole choice for survival.
      These corporate gangsters have no shame or decency.

  2. dolphin says:

    Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:
    This is probably one of the best posts so far bluntly telling the real $tory behind the corporate takeover of public education, via Charters.

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