The Lie Behind the Lack of Education Funding: One $9.8 Million Example

Most people realize that children, parents and all taxpayers are being ripped-off by politicians who preach educational excellence while cutting funds for public schools and handing wheelbarrows full of cash to “connected” buddies.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) closed over 50 public schools, fired hundreds of teachers, runs schools with few or no libraries, nurses, counselors, etc. Why? Chicago faces a so-called financial crisis so severe that Rahm feels he must steal pension funds from teachers, police, firefighters and other public service providers even though the state constitution prohibits the theft.

Public schools even lack toilet paper. Read the Huffington Post article HERE.

HOWEVER – as reported by NBC today:
“Mayor Rahm Emanuel and XS Tennis announced Wednesday the creation of a $9.8 million, 112,000-square-foot “world class tennis facility” housing 10 courts, a fitness center, a running track and even classrooms.

“Emanuel said the village will double XS Tennis Foundation’s investment in Chicago Public Schools programming from 10 participating schools to 20. It also will expose ‘more than 4,000 CPS students to the sport of tennis and the habits of an active and healthy lifestyle,’ the mayor said.”
Read and view the entire NBC report HERE.

Rahm Emanuel 9M

Illinois has jailed four governors. Make room for one Chicago mayor when his connections turn against him.
(Snakes have a tendency to devour each other.)



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2 Responses to The Lie Behind the Lack of Education Funding: One $9.8 Million Example

  1. Tennis rather than texts?! Ken, this is a 21st version of “let them eat cake!”
    “Let them play tennis!” You are NOT kidding that this MUST be stopped!!!!

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