One Valuable History Lesson: an open letter

To All of the Teachers of History in Illinois:

Please make time in your harried schedules of mandated arbitrary test preparation to teach one truly valuable lesson of Illinois and American history. This is also linked to current events at the culmination of the lesson.

Begin, as you know best, with a short review of the definition of a democratic republic and voting rights. Make a distinction between America’s democracy versus royal monarchies, feudal systems of rule, oligarchies, plutocracies, banana republic rulers empowered by corporations, and hereditary forms of rule disguised as fair governance of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Follow that with a reading of the actual oath of office sworn by every elected state official to defend the federal and state constitutions. Read HERE.

Madigan mike lisa familyComplete the lesson with the fact that Chicago was run by Mayor Richard J. Daley for 21 years and his son, Mayor Richard M. Daley, for 22 years. Illinois has been run by Speaker of the House Mike Madigan for 31 years and his daughter, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, for 11 years.

The Daley rule was in non-overlapping years. The Madigan rule has been in overlapping years. Nothing was passed and accepted in Chicago without mayoral consent. Nothing is put before the state legislature without the approval of the Speaker of the House; this is a de facto rule, not a constitutional rule. Nothing of a legal nature is pursued by the state without acceptance by the attorney general.

The theft of constitutionally protected earned compensation for teachers (pensions) was passed by both the state Madigan (Mike) led House and the Senate and is now being approved by the Madigan (Lisa) attorney general’s office. Read details HERE and HERE.

The homework assignment is simple. Ask students to draw conclusions of their own regarding the facts as presented. The usual standards of logic, etc. need to be applied to their written conclusions.

Thank you for considering this assignment for your classes. I do, however, understand any refusal on your part to teach this as a class lesson. In Illinois the arbitrary and capricious manner of punishing or firing teachers has become a de facto behavior in spite of laws to the contrary. Please do not risk your livelihood and your professional careers. If possible, please safely adapt the lesson and get the idea across to as many people, young and old, as possible. We are all in this together.


Ken Previti



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