Lisa Madigan argues that the state’s police power allows them to steal our pensions.

The pension funds of active and retired teachers are supposedly bankrupting a state that gives away hundreds of millions of dollars per year to each of the “connected” corporations who also happen to be donors to the campaign funds of certain politicos?
IL Attorney General (D) Lisa Madigan (who also happens to be 30 year Speaker of the House (D) Mike Madigan’s daughter – the man who helped to write and pass SB1 which cuts teacher pensions) is threatening to use “the state’s reserved sovereign powers” to steal from the pension funds of active and retired teachers.
These special powers she is threatening with are also known as the state’s police powers.
God Help America.

Fred Klonsky

lisa madigan

Yesterday Lisa Madigan, Illinois’ Attorney General and daughter of Party Boss Michael Madigan, went before Judge Belz and responded to the pension theft lawsuits.

The state filed its response to five lawsuits filed by retired teachers, state workers, university employees and public employee unions seeking to have last year’s pension reform law declared unconstitutional. The lawsuits argue that the law violates the pension protections in the Illinois Constitution that say pension benefits cannot be impaired or diminished.

In its response the state said that “in light of the magnitude of the pension problem and all of the other efforts the state has made to date, the (law) represents a valid exercise of the state’s reserved sovereign powers to modify contractual rights and obligations.”

Also known as the state’s police powers.

AG Lisa Madigan makes her case here.

Glen Brown addresses the issue of the state’s police and  emergency powers on…

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