Mercedes K. Schneider and the Elephants

Have you seen this incredible short video of elephants rescuing their young?


Immediately, I thought of Mercedes K. Schneider.

The mother elephant had her calf swept from behind her by a raging river. Another elephant saw this and went to the rescue, yet could not quite do it alone. Other elephants noticed and were on the way to help. One fiercely determined elephant also grabbed hold of the calf. Together, and with the wave blocking protection of others, they rescued the calf.

At the Network for Public Education National Conference in March at the University of Texas in Austin I briefly met Mercedes. Earlier that day I had attended the Common Core panel presentation moderated by Anthony Cody. The panelists included Mercedes, Jose Luis Vilson, Geralyn Bywater McLaughlin, Paul Horton and a person whose name I choose to not name.

All of these named panelists are protectors of our children.

They remind me very much of what we are all attempting – the rescue of our children from Corporate Education Reform and the billionaire investors who profit from CER.

Watch the full 40 min VIDEO of the panel HERE.

Mercedes was recently interviewed by COUNTERPUNCH, the online news magazine. Mercedes answers in her usual factual manner that cuts to the quick of who is doing what for profit and what is wrong with CCSS and many of the other abuses disguised as reform. Read the full interview HERE.

Visit Mercedes K. Schneider’s brilliant blog HERE.

Read excerpts from her wonderful new book, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who in the Implosion of American Public Education, HERE.

With the help of her fierce determination, we can rescue our children.



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