Two More Excerpts from My Book, A Chronicle of Echoes

Mercedes Schneider’s new book, A Chronicle of Echoes, tells more truth about Corporate Education Reform in one chapter than most people have read in major media outlets within the last year.


On April 27, 2014,  I announced my book, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who in the Implosion of American Public Education.

Here is the book description:

“Corporate reform” is not reform at all. Instead, it is the systematic destruction of the foundational American institution of public education. The primary motivation behind this destruction is greed. Public education in America is worth almost a trillion dollars a year.

Whereas American public education is a democratic institution, its destruction is being choreographed by a few wealthy, well-positioned individuals and organizations. This book investigates and exposes the handful of people and institutions that are often working together to
become the driving force behind destroying the community public school.


The paperback and hardback versions are now available.

The Kindle version is on its way. (I will announce once it is available.)

Since the cover image on does not offer the interactive “preview” feature, I would…

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