Teacher Alert: The Case of the Missing Corruption-Tip Hotline

Quinn Klickna Rauner

There seems to be a state-by-state Race to the Top for corruption, theft and fraud against teachers.
The grossest form of theft is wage theft from active and retired teachers.

Steal a percentage of every teacher’s paycheck by mandating that money be paid into a pension system promised to not-be-there when the teacher retires.

After teachers retire, blame them for the legislative theft (underfunding), steal from the pension funds they paid for, violate contractual and constitutional laws, and diminish their pension checks.

The “Corrupt State of the Week” award goes to ILLINOIS.

Gov. Pat “Pension Killer” Quinn (D), who is under federal investigation for defrauding money from other state departments, was faced with a tough political ploy by his opposing gubernatorial candidate. A Corruption-Tip Hotline.

Billionaire Tea Party candidate Bruce “Pension Killer” Rauner (R), and his wife, created and praised this hotline repeatedly. Since he himself has publicly vowed to support and increase pension cuts for active and retired teachers, his Corruption-Tip Hotline was greeted with eager cheers by these same teachers.

What better way to seek justice than to call this Hotline and report the grossest form of theft – wage theft from active and retired teachers? Terrific!

Report Gov. Pat “Pension Killer” Quinn (D) and the conspiratorial wage theft candidate and billionaire Bruce “Pension Killer” Rauner. Nail both those guys. Jail them!


Let’s all call. Now. Hurry!

Wait… What the… ?????

The Case of the Missing Corruption-Tip Hotline.

No one answers the phone.

No nothing. Zilch. Zero. Phffft!

What is Illinois union leadership doing about this? What are leaders of both political parties doing about this? What is law enforcement doing about this? The Justice Department? The Illinois Attorney General? The dean of students? Anybody?  Phffft!

Read Fred Klonsky’s blog, complete with quotes and details from Crain’s Chicago Business News, HERE.




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