Teachers may begin a “Quinn for #5” Prison Fan Club

Pat Quinn could be Illinois Governor #5 to be jailed.
Teachers may even start a “Quinn for #5” Fan Club. They would jail him for one set of reasons; federal prosecutors are considering a separate set of reasons.

Why? According to federal prosecutors who are investigating Quinn’s behavior, the old slush fund game got out of control. Take money from where it was supposed to be paid and put it elsewhere while making sure that your cronies get a piece of the action – that kind of thing. Read the Chicago Sun-Times article HERE.

Quinn signs1

What a coincidence! As all the active and retired teachers and state employees know, he gleefully signed the anti-constitutional pension cutting bill, SB1. Of course the state has not paid its legally required share for decades. This used to be called theft but is now euphemism-ized as “underfunding” which sounds better but steals nonetheless – or none of the money stolen is less.

Quinn repeated his personal message from God at various events. According to Quinn, he was put on earth by God to cut teacher pensions. Read HERE.


Gov. Quinn chose the infamous Paul Vallas as his running mate for November’s election. Vallas has cost Louisiana about $1.5 billion in fines for what he did to public school teachers and was declared “legally unqualified” to be a school superintendent by the Supreme Court of Connecticut. Democratic voters in Illinois have been wondering if this was Quinn’s (D) way to throw the race for billionaire Tea Party candidate Bruce Rauner (R) to win. Illinois has been steadily losing population and business. Does anyone really wonder why?

For those who ask which of the two candidates to vote for as governor of Illinois in November, the question is wrong. Choosing between two shills for the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago (The Billionaire Good Old Boys’ Club) assures that a (D) Shill or an (R) Shill will be elected. Shill (D) or Shill (R).

Quinn laughingly steals pensionsDemocrapublicans are corporate shills. Both political parties are anti-teacher, anti-union, anti-public schools, anti-pensions, and anti-middle class. They obey power and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Vote for anyone else running for anything else, but leave the governor position as empty as the empty suit who will hold the title after the election. The possibility of any real choice was removed prior to the primary elections. The two electoral process political machines and the Civic Committee political gangsters saw to that months ago.



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