ALEC, AJEC and other Mutations that get Judges to Legalize Theft

What the Koch Brothers and other corporate and billionaire members of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) did with lawmakers (legislators), they are now doing with judges (the judiciary) for personal profit at the expense of middle class public employees – especially the main target, active and retired teachers.


[Idea: Let’s simply call this new group AJEC, the American Judicial Exchange Council. Plutocrats buying judges. Is “buy” too strong a word?]

Unfortunately, this in no joke.

“As state courts across the nation prepare to referee numerous public pension reform disputes, a gaggle of interested parties — from major corporations to the Koch brothers — (are sponsoring) an expenses-paid conference on public pension reform for judges who may decide the cases’ fates.
Conference funders, which include ExxonMobil, Google and Wal-Mart, could benefit from efforts to slash benefits for public employees. Alternative approaches to shore up state budgets would likely require higher corporate taxes, fewer corporate subsidies… all of which would be bad for business.”
Read the full Huffington Post article HERE.

Where is the Judicial Symposium on the Economics and Law of Public Pension Reform being held? In the luxurious Colonial Ballroom of the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. April 27-29, 2014.

Read the actual agenda from the symposium organizers HERE.

Read the names and credentials of the Plutocrats’ speakers HERE.

Read the summary of purpose HERE.

Excerpt: “The Judicial Symposium on the Economics and Law of Public Pension Reform will discuss the looming financial and structural crisis facing state pensions systems across the nation. With several dozen states adopting modest to major reforms, the economic impact on plan beneficiaries will be substantial, and at least twenty-five jurisdictions are facing lawsuits due to the reforms adopted.
This symposium will comprehensively outline the underlying structure of pension systems, address the differences between public and private pensions, and detail the unfunded liabilities and potential bankruptcy issues arising from this crisis. It will also discuss the legal challenges to reform efforts under state constitutions citing both the contacts clause and the takings clause.
The symposium has been structured to allow ample time for participant dialogue with speakers and panelists.”

Sound familiar? The entire premise of the conference is repeated media mantra via ALEC press releases disguised as news.

249185_510031115711928_1581946223_nBy the way, check out the Francis Marion Hotel and its sumptuous accommodations HERE. Since this is on the exclusive list of the Historic Hotels of America and a National Trust for Historic Preservation (receiving federal subsidies?), please dress properly or visit the in-hotel Gucci (See photo ads.) and other appropriate clothing and accessory boutiques.

You, of course, are not invited to attend, so do not bother to RSVP.

You are what’s for dinner.



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