Wage theft is wage theft regardless of the ages of the teachers.


The legislative mandate of taking money as deferred compensation to keep it safe as a future pension while promising that it will not be there when it is needed is wage theft. Active teachers across America have this occur with every paycheck.

IL teachers pensions

Retired teachers are having their constitutionally and contractually protected payment agreements re-legislated after the legal agreement. Law suits are presently underway across America to stop both forms of wage theft. The main court battles are in Republican dominated New Jersey and Democrat dominated Illinois. To be perfectly clear, it’s not about political issues; it’s about corporate greed and control.

“The courts will decide,” according to same state legislatures who have systematically stolen from public pension funds for decades.

So, the Koch Brothers, Wal-Mart, Dow Chemical, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and other major corporations and billionaire owners are attempting to influence the judges who will make these and similar future interpretive decisions. Yes, it bought enough legislators from both political parties to pass the legislation violating the legislators’ oaths of office to protect their own state and federal constitutions. Now, the same legislative owners want to buy judges to gain judicial control. Read the full Huffington Post article HERE.

“David Sirota, a liberal writer and commentator, wrote a 2013 report called ‘The Plot against Pensions,’ which argued that ‘conservative activists are manufacturing the perception of a public pension crisis in order to slash modest retiree benefits and preserve expensive corporate subsidies and tax breaks.’”

In spite of AFT President Randi Weingarten’s disingenuous argument regarding teacher pensions, her lengthy message (Read it in the Huffington Post HERE.) uses the ALEC framed discussion – complete with half truths and propaganda. To argue using the framed arguments and structure repeated ad nauseum on Fox News and other media outlets by the paid pundits of Plutocrats is annoying at best and self-defeating at worst. Sirota gets it; Weingarten doesn’t or won’t.

What the Koch Brothers and other corporate and billionaire members of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) did with lawmakers (legislators) they are now being done to judges (the judiciary) for personal profit at the expense of middle class public employees, especially the main target, active and retired teachers. This group should be named AJEC, the American Judicial Exchange Council.

What do they have to gain? Billions of dollars nationwide as states take money from public employee pension funds and hand it over to these same corporations and billionaires as grants, gifts, incentives, tax cuts and any other euphemisms ending in $$$$$$$$$$$.

What do teachers and other public employees have to lose? Their life savings, homes, sufficient nutritional food and clothing, and adequate healthcare coverage to assure a healthful old age spent outside of poverty.

The ALEC Plutocrats are financing the first ever AJEC event to influence judges and control the judiciary – judicial decisions to legalize pension wage theft.
If this seems unreal, surreal or exaggerated, please read the links below of the actual symposium itself.

Where and when is the “Judicial Symposium on the Economics and Law of Public Pension Reform” being held? In the luxurious Colonial Ballroom of the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina.
April 27-29, 2014.

Francis Marion HotelRead the actual agenda from the symposium organizers HERE.

Read the names and credential of the AJEC speakers HERE.

Read the summary of purpose HERE.



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4 Responses to Wage theft is wage theft regardless of the ages of the teachers.

  1. dolphin says:

    Reblogged this on Dolphin.

  2. Sandra Stone says:

    This can’t be said loud and often enough to young people going into the teaching profession. Take care of your pension benefit!!!! Know the issues!

  3. Lorna Paisley says:

    If you are paying attention this is the issue in a nut shell and if you are not paying attention you better start.

  4. roberta4949 says:

    what do you expect when gov power is used to force people to give them their money I mean have not people learned by now those in gov lie all the time? anytime they use force tomake you do something you would not naturally do is indicative that their methods of money control are wicked I mean forcing people to gamble with their money under threat of violence, allowing corporations and government to make contracts and promises and then breaking them without consequences. one side contracts are fraudenlent. theft in the massive degree. then to have the adacity to give the money to their friends and themselves. I mean really bad managers of the live stock they are. if we were truly cattle we would have a legal course to sue for cruelty to animals.

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