Billionaires influence judges to approve wage theft from teachers

Judges are being openly influenced by major corporations and their billionaire owners to decide against constitutional protections. Openly influencing. Not secret plots and conspiracies. These are in-your-face influence events.

Public pension fund theft from both active and retired teachers is in the courts and in the news. Other public employees are suffering identical abuse.

Koch Brothers and judges

These judges will decide the financial fates of hundreds of thousands of people; these decisions involve billions of dollars. Present mandated pension “contributions” by active teachers and past earned wages, deferred compensation, by retired teachers are being attacked by attempting to influence the judiciary.

“As state courts across the nation prepare to referee numerous public pension reform disputes, a gaggle of interested parties — from major corporations to the Koch brothers — will next week sponsor an expenses-paid conference on public pension reform for judges who may decide the cases’ fates.” Yes, all expenses paid luxury hotel accommodations and more are being paid for by the Koch Brothers’ organizations, Wal-Mart, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Dow Chemical, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Conoco Phillips, and other major corporations.
Read Chris Young’s full Huffington Post account HERE.

Where and when? The Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC: April 27-29, 2014.

What will be taught to these judges at this symposium? Avert the constitutional and legal contractual protections of public employees who have had their pension funds systematically pillaged by state legislators. This will assure that tax money legally intended for those pension systems can continue to be handed to major corporations and their billionaire owners as incentives, grants, tax exemptions, etc. Hard to believe?

Judicial Symposium on the Economics and Law of Public Pension Reform
Read the actual seminar program agenda including sessions and presenters HERE.

Blogger extraordinaire Glen Brown summarizes what it is all about HERE.

It’s crossing a line that’s not supposed to be crossed,” Sirota said. “What’s next? Is a company going to be able to hire a lobbyist to go lobby a judge in chambers?”
Salon’s David Sirota goes on to explain the larger picture that has allowed this gross injustice to happen HERE.

Lest anyone think that this is yet another mere Democrat versus Republican crisis-as-political-theater situation, read how Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) is stealing pension fund monies in Illinois and paying his buddies through a slush fund as Republican Gov. Chris Christie is stealing pension fund monies in New Jersey and paying his buddies in a similar way.
Read Ben Joravsky at the Chicago Reader HERE.
Read David Sirota about Christie in the Pando Daily HERE.

Since many of these corporations and their billionaire owners already own major politicians from both political parties, this is no mere political game. This an open attempt to sway the judicial process via the judges.

There can be no pretense of “with liberty and justice for all” at these sessions of the symposium.



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