IEA/NEA replay: Don’t throw away your vote. Choose the lesser of two evils?

This past weekend the Illinois Education Association Representative Assembly performed its meet-and-greet of the two opposing gubernatorial candidates. President Klickna and others decided to continue this event in spite of 2014 reality. Both candidates are anti-teacher, anti-public school, anti-pension, anti-union, pro-high stakes testing, pro-corporate charter, pro-corporate-tax cuts. pro-public-education cuts, etc. Clones in everything but political brand name.

It is important to keep in mind that this is not a Democrat versus Republican issue. To call the event a debate would be like calling a Kabuki Theater performance a potato. It was a performance – no more, no less.

What happened?

Gov. Pat Quinn (D), who gleefully signed the teacher cutting pension cutting bill (SB1) and chose teacher hating Paul Vallas (Read HERE.) as his running mate, portrayed himself as the opposite of what he has done and is doing.

Bruce Rauner (R), who is the billionaire claiming to be far right of the Tea Party and who chose the totally inexperienced and unqualified Palin sound-alike Evelyn Sanguinetti (Read HERE via Fred Klonsky.) as his running mate, spoke all the same sound bites that Paul Ryan likes to repeat.

Why were the candidates there? The IEA leadership did not want its members to throw away their votes.

Because the present and past IEA presidents for the past few decades have not created, sought or supported a pro-public education, pro-teacher, pro-pension candidate, IEA members have been told to choose the lesser of two evils.

Don’t throw away your vote.
Choose the lesser of two evils.

Even Homer Simpson knows that we shouldn’t throw away your vote. Or does he?
Take 19 seconds to find out.




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One Response to IEA/NEA replay: Don’t throw away your vote. Choose the lesser of two evils?

  1. While I was at the RA & had the opportunity to watch the debate, I chose not to waste a good hour of my valuable time. What was that book title again about “lying liars?” Nothing either of those two could say would make me even remotely want to listen. This was coming down the pike for years, and I can’t agree with you more, Ken, as to the irresponsibility of unions’ leadership (&, to be fair, NOT just the IEA–so many unions, so many years, so little done) with regard to the most important issue affecting the future of us all–pro-public education, pro-working people, pro-99% candidates, and actually GETTING THEM ELECTED! The money could have been raised–there is no question in my mind. I have always had the urge to merge–that is, ONE BIG education union with ONE responsible leadership with ONE VERY large membership
    number would have more strength, with less money wasted on leadership positions and other staff. Locals (both IEA & IFT), this movement has to come from YOU. The time for talk alone is way past–it’s time to act.

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