Paul Vallas stops ripping off taxpayer money as he collects six-figures of Illinois political insider money and runs for the #2 spot on the gubernatorial slate of public education destroyers

Paul Vallas intends on saving taxpayers money by closing schools, firing teachers, stealing pension funds, etc. as he continues to rip-off indirect tax money for himself – legally, kinda -sorta.

Vallas Quinn2

Because Connecticut dumped him, Vallas returns to the scene of his previous crimes, Illinois.

(This is NOT about Democrats versus Republicans. This is about the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago’s billionaires and multimillionaires, ALEC and corruption.)

Vallas will immediately be collecting some serious cash – a “six-figure job as a financial consultant” from a political insider as he establishes residency in Illinois in order to be Gov. Pat Quinn’s running mate in the November election. Where does this salary come from?

Vallas began his position with DSI Civic, an affiliate of Chicago-based Development Specialists Inc., on April 1, said DSI CEO and President Bill Brandt, who serves as the chair of the Illinois Finance Authority – an unpaid post he was appointed to by Quinn. Brandt donated $100,000 in December to Quinn’s re-election effort.” Read the entire Tribune article HERE.

Vallas - Duncan CPSThis six figure allowance doesn’t even take into consideration his income from his personal private education consulting firm which has collected its money from education funds in Haiti, Chicago, Philadelphia, Connecticut, New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana. Save tax money? His life has been dedicated to saving tax money in his own pockets while sharing it with his cronies in the public-private-partnerships still referred to as privatizers and private investors in hedge funds and other Corporate Education Reform Industries.

As the undisputed champion of school closings, teacher firings and pension pillaging, Vallas openly stated his sociopathic prejudices as long as four years ago.

“I don’t want the majority of (educators) to work more than 10 years. The cost of sustaining those individuals becomes so enormous. Between retirement and health care and things like that, it means that you are constantly increasing class sizes and cutting programs in order to sustain the cost of a veteran workforce.” Read the full BBC report HERE.

New Orleans and Louisiana are getting stuck for $1.5 BILLION in penalties for Vallas’ past actions. Of course he doesn’t want to use school money for qualified, veteran teachers because that might actually serve the needs of school children rather than add to his own pocketbook. Read Jonathan Pelto’s well documented inside coverage HERE.

Vallas has damaged school systems so badly that even the Supreme Court of Connecticut declared that he is “legally unqualified” to be a school superintendent anywhere in the state.

Of course the fact that in addition to making over half a million dollars from the Connecticut he also milked it for thousands more until March 31 when Illinois could pay him as of April 1. Vallas was forced to STOP ripping off taxpayer money in Connecticut – temporarily.

Vallas was a prior declared Republican candidate for President of the Cook County Board in Illinois; now he runs for the Democratic position as lieutenant governor. Yes, he is a true corporate toady that goes where the tax money flows to himself. Read HERE and HERE and HERE.

It’s chicanery like this that makes people realize that the coming gubernatorial election is a mockery of the electoral process a farce with evil consequences. Vallas and Quinn are running against a billionaire, Tea Party affiliated, ALEC worshiping, self-declared enemy of all public schools and teachers candidate, Bruce Rauner.

To make this snake pit of political corruption, public pillage and teacher devastation even more devious, the politico-connection guy in Illinois who is paying Vallas during his campaigning time stint, has this to say.

This is a pure business decision designed to make me money, and I plan on having him do precisely that,’ Brandt said. ‘I don’t wish Mr. Quinn ill, but it might be better for me if Paul didn’t get elected, I could use his expertise around here.’” Read HERE.

Now THAT is bizarre!



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5 Responses to Paul Vallas stops ripping off taxpayer money as he collects six-figures of Illinois political insider money and runs for the #2 spot on the gubernatorial slate of public education destroyers

  1. siglisowski says:

    Any more evidence needed to prove that it’s only about the money? Any other “issue” raised is only a diversion used by the .01% to line their pockets. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anything else!

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