Puppets have no political party ideology: Rahm Rauner

Rauner Emaneul

Warning: Names were not changed to protect the guilty. Designations of Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Party, Green, Socialist, etc. are meaningless when billionaires and multinational corporations alone are being served. Oligarchs pull strings; puppets merely puppet.

Illinois teachers were nearly persuaded to intentionally surrender some of their own deferred compensation (pensions) with SB 2404. According to Ellen Schultz in the nonfiction best-seller Retirement Heist, this is the classic way to re-open closed contractual agreements that the courts would have protected.

Illinois teachers were again nearly persuaded to intentionally vote for the recent Chairman of IL ALEC in order to avoid the worse of two evils. The assumption was that appeasement against voracious savages works. Supposedly, if teachers allowed themselves to pay more out of each paycheck for a pension they are promised will probably not be there for them when they retire, the billionaire Tea Party monster will not devour them, now, maybe.

What is so important about the billionaire Tea Party monster Bruce Rauner? What does the super Democrat, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, have to do with Rauner? Everything except height.

Mr. Emanuel represented GTCR Golder Rauner, a Chicago private equity firm that was buying the business for an affiliate. Bruce Rauner, the firm’s chairman, had first met Mr. Emanuel when he was still exploring job prospects in Chicago after getting a call from Mr. Bowles, an old friend. Instead of private equity, Mr. Rauner advised Mr. Emanuel to pursue investment banking, where his political experience might be more valuable in landing deals in regulated industries. Mr. Emanuel called him back after starting at Wasserstein and asked if he could take over coverage of GTCR for his new employer. That eventually led to the nearly $500 million SecurityLink deal.” Read the full 2008 New York Times article HERE. These two ideological clones have been playing their games longer than most Hollywood stars have been married.

Rauner is/was Emanuel’s main financial backer.

Both claim that teachers and the money they contributed to their own pensions have no right to exist. “Let them eat cake” seems to be their shared motto.

There is a very good chance that these two have never lost focus on destroying schools as part of a land grab that would make billions for them and their buddies. Read Christopher Chase’s excellent analysis HERE.

Why do they both blame teacher and other public employee pensions for destroying the universe? Because they and their oligarchic thieves are making billions from it. “Emanuel has been using that same slush fund to enrich some of his biggest campaign contributors.” (Guess who.) Read David Sirota’s superb investigative report HERE.

So, this November, remember that no one supported or produced any pro-teacher, pro-public services competition against the supposed opponents referred to as Democrats and Republicans in the Illinois the gubernatorial election since Pat Quin is a puppet of the puppets. NONE OF THE ABOVE.

The time to select political opponents who are on the side of sanity is NOW for the 2016 elections. Chicago still has time and could be won over and saved from these corrupt Democrapublicans.

VentriloquistThe propaganda and teacher scapegoating must end. Public schools must be supported; and the needs of children, all children, must be served.




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2 Responses to Puppets have no political party ideology: Rahm Rauner

  1. Great detective work! All the pieces fit together, but they try to scatter and hide them from us.

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