United Opt Out National: Rebuilding Site

The United Opt Out National site has been hacked and destroyed. Why?

It is the seminal site for information about how parents can legally refuse/opt-out of the high pressure, high stakes testing that serves no purpose except the corporate profiteering of billionaire investors with tax free foundations and the hedge fund managers who feed them.

Read a full account by educationalchemy HERE.


United Opt Out is the Movement to end Corporate Education Reform.

Our site has been maliciously hacked and destroyed in an act of political sabotage.
Please be patient while we rebuild the site, and get our Opt-Out resources back on line.

Further information, and some of the missing guides
can be found via FB: 
f you have information about the hacking attack on United Opt Out, please leave a tip at Contact Us at the North Denver News.

United Opt Out is a truly grassroots organization. UOO has become the single largest site with organizational information that has spurred state, county and local groups to form and fight the Education Industrial Complex that is using our children as guinea pigs.

No children in any country at any time have ever been subjected to the insane levels of testing pressures that are being inflicted today to financially profit the multinational investor class.

Get the information you need on Facebook until the site is rebuilt. Go to your local opt-out/refusal groups on FB or online for help to save your own child from being just another guinea pig. Google them all, and watch for the newly rebuilt main site as soon as these parents can do it.



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