The United Opt-Out site was “maliciously hacked and destroyed in an act of political sabotage.”

The United Opt-Out site was “maliciously hacked and destroyed in an act of political sabotage.” The main national source of state-by-state files of information and letters that can be used to help our children legally opt-out/refuse high pressure, high stakes testing based on CCSS has been destroyed – for now.

United Opt Out3

Why attack a parent-teacher grassroots site such as United Opt-Out?


How much money is involved for investors in the highly lucrative fields of testing, online programming, training, publishing, vendor contracts, etc.? The latest estimates from a Bill Moyers interview with Diane Ravitch is about $500 billion annually. View/read HERE. Parents could stop the money flow to multinational investors and assorted billionaires while calling a stop to the insane high pressure inflicted on their children by these educationally useless tests by opting-out/refusing.

Please keep going to the site to check when it is up and running again.

For now, Google or search Facebook for local city, county or state opt-out/ refuse testing sites and information.

Do not give up. Refuse to allow yourself of your children to be willing victims.

Refuse. Opt-Out. Protect your child. Stop this corporate/political form of child abuse.

Don’t wait for your child to be thrust into a crisis situation.

Go to United Opt-Out for letters to legally refuse high pressure, high stakes testing for your children.

If years of scripted test preparation have produced a 70% test failure rate in state after state, how dare the corporate education reform billionaire investors and their lapdog legislators label schools, parents, teachers and students as FAILURES.

Show your outrage, wherever you live, by refusing to allow your child to be high stakes tested in 2014-2015.

PS: Peggy Robertson, keep working – for all of us. We need you.



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2 Responses to The United Opt-Out site was “maliciously hacked and destroyed in an act of political sabotage.”

  1. Thanks United Opt Out & Peg Robertson! As a sped. teacher who has, over the years, actually seen test ??? (as it’s in IEPs for teachers to read certain sections), I have been focused on helping to end these tests. The questions/answers have been/continue to be faulty & age inappropriate, time-wasting, expen$ive (money to Pear$on that SHOULD be going to our PUBLIC {not charter!} schools for supplies and programs), poorly scored by unqualified people–and there is not/never has been any quality control required for Pear$on. The tests (and giving the ISATs the new name of PARCC or CCSS or whatever the @#%$ they want to call them–if it walks & talks like a duck, it’s STILL a duck) are a waste of time, are being/have been proven to be psychologically harmful to our children, and simply are the tumors from which the uncontrollable cancer that is educational “reform” comes. Stop the testing and we’ve cut the head off the whole, ugly ALEC planned mess. Nothing but praise for & kudos to United Opt Out. EVERYONE–opt your kids out NOW…THIS year.
    And–BTW–is it a surprise that U.O.O. was hacked? Look for more to come, but that will NOT stop us from beating down the daily attacks on our children. Yes, WE can…& we WILL!

    • Ken Previti says:

      Peggy is posting every document, including letter examples state-by-state for legally opting out, on the Facebook page of United Opt Out – as she and a techie buddy are scavenging the site and rebuilding it.

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