NPE asks Friends & Allies to join in demand for Congressional Hearings mail-in campaign

The Network for Public Education asks Friends & Allies to join in demand for Congressional Hearings mail-in campaign.

Test Hearings NOWa


For the next part of our campaign, we’re going old school. During the month of April, we are asking our Friends & Allies to print out and mail a copy of this letter (Also see below.) to the offices of our friends at the Education Opportunity Network in Washington D.C.. On May 17 – the 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. the Board of Education decision – we will deliver our letters to members of Congress.


We are asking our Friends & Allies to take an extra step – print out a copy, slap on a stamp and drop it in a mail box. You might want to make copies and bring them to PTA meetings or pass them out to your friends and family. In this age of email and electronic media, mail in campaigns are not very common. This will make our presentation to Congress that much more effective.


Please share this campaign via social media and remember to send your letter before the end of April! More information about this latest part of our Call for Congressional hearings can be found on the NPE website HERE.
(Diane Ravitch’s interview with Bill Moyers can also be viewed on this site.)


My name is _______________________ from _______________, _____ and I

stand with the Network for Public Education in calling on

Congress to hold hearings on the misuse and abuse of

standardized tests in the nation’s K-12 education system. If

you would like to speak to me about the way over-testing

has affected children and families in my community, call me

at ________________ or email me at __________________________. I would

be happy to explain why I support NPE’s call for hearings!



Please address your letter to:

NPE Calls for Hearings
c/o Campaign for America’s Future
1825 K St. NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20006



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