I’m #19 on the IEA Retired ballot.

Fred Klosnky is #19 on the ballot for NEA RA as an IEA-Retired teacher. He deserves to be elected for all of the revelations about the legislative attacks against the hard earned pensions of teachers. He does not confuse loyalty to the union with loyalty to a poor decision made by a present elected IEA official. We need Fred’s voice of reason on our side.

Fred Klonsky

My ballot for retired delegate to the NEA RA has arrived.

I’ll mark it tomorrow and drop it in the mail box.

I’m number 19.

There are 27 IEA Retired members running and they are all good folks.

They have to be to offer up themselves to spend 10 days in Denver the week of July 4th.

There are three days for the Retired Conference and six more for the NEA RA. Plus toss in a day for travel.

Trust me. It ain’t a holiday.

Nine retirees get elected representing the 10,000 members of IEA Retired.

Unfortunately, only about 2,000 or so members will mail back their ballots. There should be more.

Since I disagreed with their Dillard Strategy, the leadership is not thrilled with me. I won’t be on Haisman/Swanson list of delegates to vote for.

But I don’t look at getting elected as a delegate to the NEA RA as…

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