Andrea Rediske Reacts to Political Maneuvering to Eliminate “Ethan’s Act”

How many more children in Florida will be made to suffer because high stakes mandated testing enriches the highly profitable testing corporations who contribute to legislative campaign funds?

Diane Ravitch's blog

I received the following statement from Andrea Rediske about the political games now being played in the Florida legislature.

“An open letter to Florida Legislators:

“When Orange County Public Schools required a letter from the hospice company overseeing the end of Ethan’s life justifying the extension of the FAA waiver, two thoughts came to my mind. The first was: “This is absolutely shameful,” and the second was: “This could happen to someone else.” It was the second thought that motivated me to come forward with our story. Two years ago, when I was fighting for Ethan to be granted a waiver for the FAA, I wrote to state legislators and the Department of Education appealing for help, but was summarily dismissed. Each person I wrote to merely cited policies and statutes as justification for the FAA. So, after our story broke, I was delighted, humbled, and grateful when Karen Castor-Dentel…

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