Chicagoland: Watch the non-military Rambo movie for the Clueless.

Chicagoland is the expensive propaganda show disguised as Reality TV News by CNN which is in desperate need of improved ratings and money.

Chicagoland Clueless

Chicagoland is about the need for a tough guy who “does what he has to do” with a little help from his friends to make the city work – Rahm Emanuel and his cohorts.
(Read Empathy Educates HERE.)

In reality Rahm and the appointed Board of Education approved the removal from class and one-on-one interrogation of public school children whose parents opted them out of high stakes standardized tests. They were questioned about their parents and teachers, their classmates and their parents and teachers, etc.
(Read what Bruce Boyer and Stacey Platt say HERE in Fred Klonsky’s blog.)

Rahm and the other child abusers should be arrested.

Since the state had already declared that the this year’s expensive and inaccurate tests woud not be counted or used for student or school evaluations, teacher assessment, state or federal funding – nothing but payments to the testing corporations. This is abuse for the sake of abuse.

Read how totally useless the tests have been declared by the state HERE.

This is child intimidation and abuse for profit.

They don’t make Rambos they way they used to.

Rahm Time



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