The Comedy of Errors becomes the Tragedy of Absurdity.

I strongly support teachers’ unions – both the NEA and the AFT. Just as strongly, I believe that the Illinois Education Association, IEA/NEA, desperately needs new leadership. Why?

IEA Vote Endorsement2

Look at the mail I received today, 3/22/14, for the endorsement and directions on how to vote in the 3/18/14 primary election.

The cognitive dissonance of receiving this endorsement of Kirk Dillard, the recent Chairman of IL ALEC, was increased several notches. A few weeks before the election Dillard pledged to cut public education funding by $1 Billion. (Read Capital Fax HERE.) Dillard lost the election several days ago.

The smiling photo of IEA President Cinda Klickna endorsing a smirking Dillard haunts me. This absurd full-color mailer sent to me in Florida at my one-and-only address is simply one further tidbit of information pushing me and other active and retired teachers to one obvious conclusion.

IEA/NEA needs new, effective leaders who plan for the future of all active and retired teachers. Read HERE.

IEA Vote Endorsement3

By the way, Klickna and other board members had months and months to seek and endorse a pro-teacher candidate. Instead, IEA members get blamed for being naysayers after one of the lowest ranking of four Republican candidates predictably lost.

I believe in an effective teachers’ union. I believe we need new, effective leaders in Illinois.

What is happening in other states?



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