NPE, Twitter Storm, Trend #1: Demand Congressional Hearings on $tandardized Tests

Network for Public Education twitter storm

The Network for Public Education, NPE, demands Congressional Hearings on high stakes standardized tests.

We are taking our message to Twitter because while we lack access to paid media, we have thousands of passionate educators, students, parents and citizens across the country who care deeply about our schools, and are truly concerned about the colossal waste of resources now being directed to standardized tests. We hope to raise awareness among the public, media and elected representatives around our call for Congressional hearings into the abuse of standardized tests,” NPE Executive Director Robin Hiller said.

Read the full background and description of what needs to be done HERE on the NPE site.
Read the full text for the need for Congressional Hearings HERE.

Susan DuFresneThis is a first for the NPE. With the organizational help of the amazing Susan DuFresne and over 500 original Twitter participants, the nation noticed and was informed for several hours about the need to hold Congressional Hearings into the high stakes standardized tests that are profiting private corporations and multinational investors hundreds of millions of dollars from our tax monies in nearly every state. Private profit from our public school dollars.

The pressures and abuses heaped upon our children by these newly created industries have never been experienced by children in any country at any time.

testhearingsnowOn both days of the Network for Public Education National Conference at the University of Texas in Austin, the Conference Trended #1. One 3/19/14 NPE and the collective teachers, parents, students and others who know the value and importance of public education for all spoke loudly.

And we will be heard again, and again, and again until quality public education replaces the corporate greed exercised by the worldwide investors in the Education Industrial Complex.



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