School Vouchers, Workman, Dwarf Tossing, Extremist Muslim Cleric: Connections

How could school vouchers, Workman, dwarf tossing, and an extremist Muslim cleric be connected?

When greed and corruption, even legalized corruption, take precedent over the public good, the propaganda surrounding the greed/corruption hides the web of financial connections.

Dwarf tossing

In Florida recently my state representative, Rich “Ritch” Workman, attempted to legalize the cruelty of dwarf tossing as a game in bars throughout the state. Why? Job creation. As a “quest to seek and destroy unnecessary burdens on the freedom and liberties of people.” Read HERE.

Today, Rep. Workman and other legislators are attempting to pass HB 7099 which will allow corporations to create a voucher plan called the Tax Credit Scholarship Program. For every dollar the corporation gives to the program, the state awards the corporation a dollar in tax credits. (Yes, read that one again.) The state takes money from the education fund and hands it to the corporation as a “credit” for the dollar the corporation gave the voucher program. Hmm… isn’t that how money laundering is done? Read the Palm Beach Post for the vast amounts of money for charter profits HERE and the Miami Herald article and Bob Sikes blog HERE. Even sales tax money will be used for this! Read Context Florida’s article HERE.

Rich “Ritch”Workman was the one who alarmed the Brevard County school board to even out the so-called prejudicial pro-Muslim history textbook by Pearson. The board had a ten page additional Christian-balanced supplementary text officially added to the curriculum. Read the Florida Today article HERE.

Workman’s HB 7099 is intended to hand over corporate funded (?) voucher scholarships to charter schools, even religious charter schools such as Gulen Charters which are located in at least 26 states including Florida.

Fethullah GulenPolitically powerful Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen and his faith-based Gulen organizations own at least six charters, some with multiple schools, under various names in Florida alone. Yes, the religious extremists, Christians and Muslims and whoever else deigns to use God’s name in their tax free establishments, will get our tax money which is legally intended to support our public schools. Read the Washington Post article HERE.

Of course these same right-wing extremists financially support PACs, Super PACs, and various front organizations who contribute to the election and re-election campaigns for legislators who pass this kind of legislation.

School Vouchers, Workman, Dwarf Tossing, Extremist Muslim Cleric: Connections.

What can you do to stop this legalized corruption from happening?Fund Education Now has a petition to legislators. Go HERE to sign your name for legislators to stop this $$$$$$$ grab.

Also, please stop voting for (R) or (D) candidates because of brand loyalty based on what-used-to-be political platforms and have now become corporate controlled puppets for big $$$$$$ – for anyone’s big $$$$$$$.

Vouchers NO



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