IEA/NEA and Cognitive Dissonance

What happens to people’s brains when they receive messages from a trusted source that are in total contradiction to facts they themselves know are based in reality?

Cognitive dissonance occurs which produces fear, uncertainty and doubt. Eventually, this can lead to depression, distrust and confusion – mental health issues. Read HERE.

This is precisely what is happening to teachers across Illinois today.

HERE is the Illinois Education Association website telling teachers to vote for the recent past Chair of ALEC in IL, Kirk Dillard. Governor Dillard? Why?

IEA Board - Vote for Dillard

“IEA board of directors members made calls to their constituents on behalf of Kirk Dillard after Saturday’s board meeting.”

According to IEA President Cinda Klickna’s non-fact based claim, “Sen. Dillard supports our fight for adequate funding for public education.”

HERE is the Capital Fax report of Dillard’s publicly stated pledge to cut an additional $1 Billion from the Chicago Public Schools alone. HERE is Mike Klonsky’s latest report of the same. There are many other anti-teacher, anti-public school, anti-union pledges made by Dillard prior to his very recent political ploy to re-brand himself in an attempt to raise funds and differentiate himself from front-runner Republican candidate Bruce Rauner.

The IEA is causing cognitive dissonance for its members. The IEA is fomenting internal dissent. IEA leadership is destroying its own credibility. The IEA is losing its own membership’s support for future decisions and political actions.

Dillard and KlicknaREALITY: The IEA did not seek, create, or fund pro-labor candidates when it was possible. Leaders such as Cinda Klickna are not willing to admit they displayed no leadership when it counted.

REALITY: Without a meaningful choice available, teachers, as disenfranchised voters, need to realize that their only true voting booth choice for governor is NONE OF THE ABOVE – blank. No choice means no choice.

STOP the cognitive dissonance.

STOP wasting precious IEA money that could be used for the elections of a few actual pro-teacher candidates in local races.

STOP the destruction of our teachers’ union.

The egos of Cinda Klickna and the present IEA board members are not as important as facing reality and saving teachers and their union.



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