Dillardrauner VS Raunerdillard: the FUD Strategy

The teachers in Illinois, and elsewhere, are facing a FUD moment. (FUD is the acronym for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. This is the vile marketing-propaganda strategy for causing confusion and harm to competitors.) When two or three identical products or candidates use FUD to damage competitors and people in general, issues become nearly impossible to ascertain.

Dillard Quinn Rauner

Billionaire Tea Party Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bruce Rauner, is opposed in the primary by the recent chairman of ALEC, Kirk Dillard. Their ads blame each other for not being severe enough in ideology.

The IEA has attempted to show leadership in one way or another. They chose to endorse and fund Dillard – for now. Why?

The Democratic candidate and incumbent, Gov. Pat Quinn, signed the pension cuts and other assorted anti-teacher, anti-union, anti-public education bills. He will probably be endorsed and funded by these same unions during the November elections. Why?

Kirk DillardQuinn candidate2Rauner logic

Adolph Reed Jr. in March’s edition of Harper’s magazine explains the process precisely.

“Each election now becomes a moment of life-or-death urgency that precludes dissent or even reflection. For liberals (*such as teachers who expect their deferred compensation, pensions, to be honored as required by the state constitution), there is only one option in an election year and that is to to elect. at whatever cost, whichever Democrat is running. This modus operandi has tethered what remains of the left to a Democratic Party that has long since renounced its commitment to any sort of redistributive vision and imposes a willed amnesia on political debate. True, the last Democrat was really unsatisfying, but this one is better; true, the last Republican didn’t bring destruction of the universe, but this one certainly will.”
* My addition.
Read the full article, “Nothing Left,” HERE.

Identical products sold as separate incomparable products is familiar to anyone who purchased a Ford Ranger – Mazda B Series automobile. The three way gubernatorial analogy is the GMC Yukon – Chevrolet Tahoe – Cadillac Estralade.

The Illinois gubernatorial non-choices are Kirk Dillard – Pat Quinn – Bruce Rauner.

All three are serving the interests of the corporations in the Civic Committee of the private Commercial Club of Chicago and the billionaires who control it.

Why is the IEA endorsing and funding any of these candidates?

REALITY: The teachers and all Illinois voters have been effectively disenfranchised from the gubernatorial election. The choices they are given are meaningless to their interests.

REALITY: The IEA and other union leaders, present and recently past leaders, has/had not sought, created or funded pro-labor candidates when it was possible. Leaders such as Cinda Klickna are not willing to admit they displayed no leadership when it counted.

REALITY: Without a meaningful choice available, disenfranchised voters need to realize that their only true voting booth choice for governor is NONE OF THE ABOVE – blank. No choice means no choice. Why keep the money wasting charade going?

REALITY: All IEA money should be spent on local candidates who are pro-teacher and pro-union.

REALITY: The posturing by IEA and other union leaders at this point merely makes them FUD accomplices as they seek to maintain their own jobs and social positions. The IEA is actively destroying its own credibility with its non-transparent decision processes and ineffective byzantine political game-playing.

Reality as stark as this is very difficult to face.



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