Diane Ravitch, FUD, and you

As a child Diane Ravitch must have been a wiz at those connect-the-dots pages. Today she is dedicated to teaching us as all how to connect-the-dots.

First, Diane tells us to try to see the whole picture to get a general idea of where things are and where they are going. In one of her eye-opener blogs titled “Understanding the Propaganda Campaign Against Public Education” she tells us of when she first learned that FUD is a marketing technique meant to cause harm. FUD is an acronym for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. (Google it.) FUD is a vile propaganda strategy used for the destruction of any competitor.

Ravitch signing

What is happening in your locale that is evidence of the FUD attack strategy?

Regarding the use of FUD against public education, Diane makes the matter clear. It makes people so desperate that they will seek out unproven alternatives. It makes the public gullible when they hear phony claims about miracle schools, where everyone graduates and everyone gets high test scores, and everyone goes to a four-year college. No such school exists. The ‘miracle school”’usually has a high suspension rate, a high expulsion rate, a high attrition rate, and such schools usually do not replace the kids they somehow got rid of. Some ‘miracle schools’ have never graduated anyone because they have only elementary schools, but that doesn’t stop the claims and boasting.”
Read her full blog HERE.

NPE attendees LBJ auditorium

At the Network for Public Education National Conference in Austin during her address on March 2, Diane mentioned instances (not the term) of fear, uncertainty and doubt spread by the villainthropists who are attempting to monetize children and gain immense profits by privatizing public education while controlling the testing regime that decides who gets what education where. The attacks against children, parents, schools, unions, teachers and their pension funds, etc. are all parts of the attempted corporate takeover.

For those of us who attended the conference, Diane showed herself to be a formidable opponent of these corporate raiders. View her entire presentation HERE for an insightful message focused on public education in 2014.

We must all connect-the-dots in our school districts. Dots of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

The local messages may seem unique to us, but they are actually not unique. The messages we are receiving are geared to harm us. They make use of specific people and schools in one vicinity as they follow the FUD propaganda attack methods.

Here are two FUD examples.

In Brevard County the superintendent of schools and the board of education are openly breaking the state law established by a substantial majority of voters who approved the Florida constitutional amendment that established maximum class sizes for specific classes. They have approved class sizes above those allowed by law. The Board of Education chose to pay the fine rather than obey the law. So, they are now using fear, uncertainty and doubt by claiming that the county needs to raise the sales tax by a half cent per dollar of purchases. The superintendent has openly threatened to cut the arts (art, music, theater, etc.) and to increase class size even more. Money will be cut in maintaining school buses. The superintendent told the staunch supporters of public schools that we must raise money to save our schools. He did not mention that the tax is regressive and hurts those on fixed incomes, pensioners, retirees, and, of course, the poorest who must spend nearly all of their income to survive. Even worse, the superintendent and the board failed to mention that the state is now giving away sales tax money to select retail stores, major corporations, professional soccer, movie industry productions, etc. as tax additional lucre. The Speaker of the House is making new legislation to give away sales taxes even easier in order to broaden the practice to the point of having them not only not pay sales taxes but to match what they do not pay, dollar for dollar, as extra added incentives. Those who contribute mightily to re-election campaigns seem to be at the top of the tax incentive receiver lists.

Presently, a bunch of sincere people who advocate for education, the arts, etc. are being asked to help raise needed money for schools, which they want to do. Fundraising for good causes are what they do best. At the same time, the sales tax increase they are asked to support as a school-fund-raising effort is being given to the wealthy corporate few. (Please don’t use the old “different pockets” argument to support this scam.) Read HERE for more details.

Asking those who wish to save our schools and to support the arts to do this under threat requires some major connect-the-dots ability. Meanwhile, this is merely one issue in one district in Florida. This devious FUD method is very hard for people to wrap their heads around. Fear, uncertainty, doubt.

In Chicago the teachers who support boycotting the expensive high stakes state mandated tests are being threatened with being fired, physically removed from the school buildings, and having their teaching certifications revoked, thus effectively ending any hope of remaining in teaching as a career. The tests they are required to give have already been abandoned by the state and will not be used for anything – no grades, no evaluations, no assessments of children, schools or teachers, no funding decisions, – nothing. What about the testing corporations and all of the contracted online programs, test preparation materials and even the test company mentors who oversee the preparation of teachers for giving these tests? They will be paid. Read HERE for more details.

This very hard for people to believe. Fear, uncertainty, doubt.

Please read Diane Ravitch’s eye-opening blog above about the FUD in propaganda.

Please watch Diane Ravitch’s NEP National Conference presentation in the video above.

We must reclaim reform and expose the use of FUD as propaganda to harm our children’s futures and destroy public education.



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