Adam Bessie shows the corporate teaching automation for what it is

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” – Napoleon
What do automated mandated high stakes tests and tech laden charters such as Rocketship mean for children, parents and teachers? The answer is cleverly given in the form of graphic journalism.

Adam Bessie writes a few brilliantly focused words for Arthur King’s terrific graphics to produce a one page history of the causes and conditions of corporate America’s scapegoating of teachers and attempted takeover for profit of education reform. That means that a picture worth a thousand words become 1,000 thoughts.


“While the corporate media hails the mechanization of education as another sign of progress toward a techno-utopia, Adam Bessie teams up with fellow community college instructor and illustrator Arthur King to give readers another perspective in this nonfiction comic, based on extensive research, and their personal experience as veteran educators.”
– Truth-Out editors


Automated Teaching Machine: A Graphic Introduction to the End of Human Teachers

By Arthur King and Adam Bessie in Truthout, – Graphic Journalism

View/read the entire graphic article in Truthout HERE.

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(By the way, I met Adam when he was kind enough to share his table with me at breakfast before the March 2, 2014 Network for Public Education National Conference in Austin. He also shared a different one page printed graphic article with me. We spoke of his son, his position as an adjunct professor, his students, the NEP panel presentation he was part of, and other assorted tidbits of real life in education today. He made my coffee and bagel taste better with his contagious smile, exuberance and unique approach to solutions to help reclaim reform from the villainthropists.)

UPDATE and Correction: Adam is presently a tenured, full-time professor.



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