Equipping Florida Parents to Expose Jeb Bush’s Florida Education “Miracle” by Mercedes Schneider

The immense amounts of tax money being bled from public education to pay the for-profit high stakes testing, branded charters, etc. are enabled by the Jeb Bush lie of the Florida education “Miracle” that never happened.

Jeb Bush Florida Miracle

The brilliant Mercedes Scneider Ph.D. explains and supports this  in her superb deutsch29 blog. “The Jeb Bush Florida Education ‘Miracle’ is a sham, Florida parents. Tell all who will listen that you know so. Hold Florida’s elected officials accountable for what they are inflicting upon your children.”

An excerpt is below, and a link to the full article is HERE.

Equipping Florida Parents to Expose Jeb Bush’s Florida Education “Miracle”

March 6, 2014

The purpose of this post is to provide a brief summary for Florida parents regarding the failure of the spectrum of so-called education “reforms” introduced and advanced by former Governor Jeb Bush (1999 – 2007).

I have written this brief, two-page “talking points” Word doc to complement the contents of this post. Thus, parents can use the “talking points” as a quick reference in school board meetings and legislative hearings and use the contents of this post for a more detailed explanation of the talking points (complete with links to references supporting each point).

In this post, I address the spectrum of Florida education “reform,” including school letter grades; graduation rates; charters, vouchers, and virtual schools; teacher evaluation; third-grade retention, and “declaring” Florida high school graduates as “college ready.”

A – F School Letter Grades

A major problem with the school letter grades is their susceptibility to manipulation. In fact, former Florida Superintendent Tony Bennett was forced to resign in August 2013 after emails implicated him in fixing a charter school letter grade during his time as superintendent in Indiana.

Letter grade formulas are also endlessly manipulated. Politico notes, “In Florida, for instance, the legislature has tinkered with the A-F school grading formula at least two dozen times in recent years. … Last year, alarmed that so many Florida students failed a new writing exam, the state board of education quickly lowered the passing score to boost more kids over the bar.”




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