Support the teachers and parents at Saucedo and Drummond schools who refuse the useless state mandated tests

Refusal to give a totally useless state mandated test, refusing to waste weeks of class-time for children who need education, and refusal to demean the children in their trust, the brave teachers at two Chicago schools have opted out if the bizarre institutionalized child abuse of this year’s ISAT test. These teachers are being threatened not merely with the loss of their jobs, Barbara Byrd Bennett, the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, threatens to remove their teacher certification. Their careers as teachers anywhere would be destroyed. That is “scorched earth” warfare against public educators.

Saucedo Drummond support in Austin - Texas

The state mandated ISAT has already been abandoned by the state. The scores will be used for nothing – no federal, state or city funding, no student evaluation, no teacher or school assessment – nothing. “This test, which you’ve already discarded, is useless. You have already replaced it with another high-stakes test, to which you have attached all the traditional trappings of meaning: the NWEA MAP test will be your test of choice this year to determine who gets in where, and what schools get what, and what schools don’t get what.”
Read the Chicago.Now article HERE.

Saucedo Drummond teachers

Over 160 University Education Faculty members support the refusal by the Chicago teachers and parents at Saucedo and Drummond. “As university faculty whose responsibilities include preparing future educators, we support the action of teachers at the Saucedo and Drummond elementary schools in Chicago who are refusing to administer the Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT).”
Read their letter and their signatures from Teachers for Social Justice HERE.

“’This ISAT test is absurd,’ said Sarah Chambers, a special education teacher at the school, surrounded by supportive parents, students and fellow teachers outside the school. ‘It is not tied to anything — it’s not used in promotion, it’s not used in graduation, it’s not used for leveling of the school.’”
Read the full article from HERE.

The Chicago Board of Education is spreading propaganda, lies and fear among parents via the press, robocalls, etc. This is a full blown war against public schools; it is class warfare.

“Thousands of parents across the city have chosen to opt their children out of the ISAT, and as the number of opt-out decisions increase, the district is creating mass chaos in homes with dishonesty and outright lies.”
Read the Chicago Teachers Union response (via Fred Klonsky’s blog) HERE.

Wherever you live, please contact the Chicago Board of Education HERE or phone them with your protest against the abuse of public school children with expensive tests that serve no purpose except to put teachers, parents and children “in their place” with useless tasks that also deny them the goal of actual education. Call 773-553-1600 and/or 773-534-9300 and/or 312-814-2236.

Put an end to this insane class war against public education – against our children.


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