IEA, ALEC, Dillard, Rauner, Quinn, $$$$$$$, etc.

1) “There are two sides to every argument.” Nonsense.
2) “He is the lesser of two evils.” Nonsense.
3) “The Illinois Education Association is showing leadership by endorsing for governor the IL Chairman of ALEC who reportedly resigned from that position four months ago.” Nonsense.

Money hole2

The IEA endorsed Kirk Dillard and gave him $50,000 for his campaign, which was originally reported as $250,000.

1) What is the correct quotation regarding arguments? “There are AT LEAST two sides to every argument.” Anyone with three or more children can attest to this. Every teacher in every full classroom can attest to this. Most news/media outlets keep things cheap and simple by showing “both sides” of every story they present. It is profitable for them to continue the two-sides nonsense. Ask the Tribune Media Services.

2) The lesser of two evils cannot be chosen in the primary elections for governor in Illinois where there are FOUR viable Republican candidates, especially since Kirk Dillard, ex-Chair of ALEC, is in fourth place in the polls. (Read HERE.) And, of course, the actual election gave the IEA a FIFTH choice for possible endorsement, Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn who signed the SB1 pension cutting bill.

3) By advancing items #1 and #2, IEA President Cinda Klickna and the Board are posing as leaders. No way does this nonsense instill confidence, or even credibility, in the eyes of Illinois teachers or the general public.

One nonsensical old Rah-rah who shouts the praises of today’s IEA Board via mass emails mentioned that the IEA endorsement of Dillard is based on Dillard’s past willingness to work with and advance the goals of IEA. Since this grouchy old guy worked at the helm in 1993, sixteen years before the Tea Party was even founded, this is naive to say the least. During the middle of the second decade of the 21st Century, blather like this gives white haired retirees a bad name. Since 1993 was over two decades ago, we can be assured that much has changed, and Dillard is a prime example. Stop the nonsense.

ALL of the candidates for governor are in favor of cutting active and retired teacher and other public employee pensions. ALL of the candidates are serving a corporatist agenda.

Kirk Dillard

Rauner logic

Dan Rutherford

Bill Brady

Quinn candidate2

Dillard voted for these cuts repeatedly until the last SB1 vote. Republicans who knew they would be running as candidates for various positions did this to show that union workers couldn’t trust the nasty Democrats who betrayed them. It was also useful to vote against SB1 in order to tell far right-wing Republicans that the cuts did not go far enough. Game playing.

The IEA and other state unions failed to find or create a pro-public-services candidate months ago. Telling members the truth is what real leaders would do.

The correct gubernatorial endorsement and awarding of funds is simple.

Now, IEA members are supposed to use items #1 and #2 in order to defend #3? Nonsense.


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4 Responses to IEA, ALEC, Dillard, Rauner, Quinn, $$$$$$$, etc.

  1. Question–who knows the answer? ALEC just celebrated it’s 40th birthday at the Palmer House Hilton here in Chicago last summer. (BTW, there WAS a sizable protest. But you sure didn’t see it on the news or in the papers!). Thus, it has existed since 1973. For how long has Dillard been–
    1) a member; 2) IL Chair of ALEC ? Hmm…1993…

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