How to cause division within the IEA, the Illinois Education Association

Reclaim Reform

Why are so many people prejudiced toward retired teachers specifically and retirees in general? Why are so many people prejudiced toward teachers unions specifically and unions in general?

crabby old man1Some of the prejudice is brought on by those old folks themselves who prefer the loud blather associated with old men screaming at the neighborhood kids to get off the lawn.

Which brings us to the topic of attacking those of us who justly criticize some of the actions and inactions of the present leaders of the Illinois Education Association (IEA) and Pres. Cinda Klickna. These loyal critics also offer positive suggestions for improvement.
(By the way, yesterday Klickna made a terrific open rebuttal to the teacher bashing, multimillionaire, gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner. Read HERE. Yes, Klickna also makes some terrific decisions.)

One major Rah-Rah figure in particular continues to make mass email attacks against Fred Klonsky and any others who…

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