Make Teachers Your Valentines

Teachers deserve all the love and recognition they can receive. Make ALL of the teachers in your life your Valentines.
Remember those teachers who influenced you, who met your needs? If you don’t know how to contact them, make the nearest teachers you meet your Valentines. Teachers need all the hugs and love they can get.


Your child’s teachers are indeed important to your child. Make those teachers your Valentines.

Teacher teaching subsidies

Teachers should make their own past teachers and fellow teachers their Valentines. Support each other every day in every way.

Karen LewisThe leaders of teachers all across the United States need Valentines.

Ravitch 1Educators who teach and support teachers need Valentines.

376710_497993390230630_171233007_nTeachers are moms, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, friends and neighbors.

602272_493013924065392_1126551862_nTeachers are dads, grandfathers, brothers, sons, uncles, friends and neighbors

Chicago rally sign9gTeachers stand up to some tough battles for our children. Some even sit when that is what it takes to protect our children.

Chicago rally sign9lTeachers educate and nurture our children.

ethan_2Teachers care for ALL of our children.

254810_10151108391351879_670493297_nTeachers go to great lengths to help our children. The truly deserve to be our Valentines.

2235-MEven when overburdened with children, teachers teach and meet their needs as best they can under trying circumstances.

Christie bye-byeTeachers are scapegoated by bullies, but they refuse to be willing victims.

165484_476467405755016_496041833_nTeachers know the basic reasons for public education for all, and they feel those needs with a passion. They know that our children are little human beings with human rights.

sarasota-irta-1Even in retirement, teachers support active teachers. Teacher Valentines are multi-generational.

CT  met-teachers 0524 mh

Yes, teachers need Valentines and deserve Valentines.

Well, what are you waiting for? Spread the word. Share the message.
Make teachers your Valentines.



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  1. OUTSTANDING Valentine’s Day message, Ken! Back atchya!

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